Marshawn Lynch is an acclaimed former NFL running back who played for 12 seasons between 2007 and 2019. In that time, he played for the Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks, and Oakland Raiders with his Seahawks appearances occurring twice between 2010 through 2015 and then in his final season in 2019. 

Lynch was not only a force on the gridiron, earning the nickname “beast mode,” but he famously made a splash during the 2015 Super Bowl media day when he appeared at a press conference and noted that “I’m here so I won’t get fined.” Lynch has always gone his own way and is still wildly successful in his post-NFL life with executive roles as part owner of the Bay Area Panthers and the FCF Beasts, two professional indoor football teams. 

With all of his success on and off the field, it’s only natural to wonder if there’s someone special in his life. And if so, what are they up to and how did Marshawn meet them? Here’s what we know about Marshawn Lynch’s other half. 

Is Marshawn Lynch Married?

(Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images)

Marshawn Lynch is famously tight-lipped about his romantic life. This is understandable but fans still want to know if anyone’s caught his eye and if so, all the details about them. To date, he’s never formally confirmed whether or not he’s married— or even in a relationship.

But he has been linked with a woman by the name of Charmaine Glock. Although the two deny currently being together and claim that the relationship ran its course by 2014, rumors continue to swirl that they’re still involved and that she’s even the mother of his child. Of course, these are just rumors and nothing has been confirmed. 

Who Is Charmaine Glock? 

Charmaine Glock is a Washington state native who appears to be equal parts beauty and brains. Currently, it’s rumored that she works at an engineering firm. However, some Lynch fans may recognize Glock from her previous stint as an adult star. 

The 33 year old first started out as a traditional fashion model before temporarily shifting into adult work. However, this was short-lived and Glock shifted back to more implied, boudoir and lingerie content. Reports on her modeling career are somewhat conflicting as some sources claim she still moonlights as an Instagram model while others say she’s now in a more traditional work role for the firm, RetroGrade Engineering. 

Charmaine Glock’s Net Worth

Only Charmaine Glock and Marshawn Lynch know if there’s a relationship between the two of them. However, Charmaine is a woman of independent means, thanks to a current estimated net worth between $1 and $5 million dollars. Most of this is attributed to her work as a model both within the adult industry and on social media. 

Is There Anyone Special in Marshawn Lynch’s Life?

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Marshawn Lynch keeps his romantic life under wraps. However, he’s never been shy about sharing his love and admiration for his mother. Likewise, he recently appeared in the queer teen comedy “Bottoms,” telling The Wrap that it was his way to “right his wrongs” when he didn’t initially react positively when his younger sister came out in high school. In “Bottoms”, Lynch plays a faculty advisor who routinely guides the two queer leads as they navigate sticky situations. 

These days, Marshawn Lynch spends his time as an executive co-owning two indoor football teams. However, occasionally he lends his sports acumen and larger than life personality to serve as a commentator with ESPN.