If your timeline is filled with non-stop chatter about Mercury retrograde, then you know that most people are struggling to make it through.

Each zodiac sign has characteristics that make Mercury retrograde look different for each person. However, there are common experiences that many people will share for the three weeks that the astrological event is here. 

What Is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury is considered to be in retrograde when it gives the illusion that the planet is appears to be moving backwards from our view on Earth. Astrologers say that the resulting energy of the changing astrological landscape can affect your mental as well as your physical state. It can also cause a lot of uncommon situations to happen at your expense. 

Miscommunication, system glitches and old flings reappearing occur more frequently during this time. Finding the proper tools can help you get back on track if you find yourself caught in between unusual activities.

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Gemini, Libra and Aquarius signs thrive on communicating with others and engaging in thoughtful conversations. Their natural flow with people and ideas may be strained during Mercury retrograde, which disrupts people’s communication in general. But for air signs who welcome discussions, it is rare for them to not find the right words or know what to say.

That disconnect from their communities can be daunting. However, shifting that energy to find the time to connect with themselves can be just as rewarding. Practicing yoga or meditation is an effective way to be present with one’s body and inner self. This form of self-care embraces stillness and allows the mind to reconnect with the needs of the body’s heart and soul.  

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Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces feel deeply and can sometimes let emotions control how they show up in the world. Their sensitivities make them one of the most compassionate zodiac signs. Even Scorpios, who may be hard to read at first, are emotional and feel intensely. By being in tune with their environment and communities, this disruptive energy shift can take a greater toll on them.

Weighted blankets are a tool for calming anxiety and restlessness. The gentle pressure of the cover helps the body’s nervous system relax. Easing the added frustrations Mercury retrograde brings can help make the transition more comfortable.

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Nothing usually gets past a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. Earth signs have strong organizational skills and can plan their lives years ahead. While these qualities make them good at handling their business, their lives may be currently turned upside down. One of the reasons Mercury retrograde is viewed as “pure chaos” is because things typically never go as planned during this period. Dealing with unwanted changes is an earth sign’s worst nightmare.

Although we live in the digital age, technology is also less reliable during Mercury retrograde. It may be best to ditch the Google calendar for the next few weeks and use a physical planner instead.

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Just like their fiery names, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are intense people. Passion, creativity and courage drive these fire signs. However, people with these zodiac placements will face the ultimate test during Mercury retrograde. When it comes to engaging in a face-off with others, they are fearless. This time around, these fire signs will enter a face-off with themselves.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius must look back to move forward with people or situations. A reflection journal is a helpful way to dig deeper and find resolutions for the past.

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Mercury retrograde will impact each zodiac sign in April. It will affect more signs than others and only few will thrive. Be prepared to encounter communication issues, technology problems, disorder and other mishaps more frequently. The only good news is that Mercury retrograde is temporary. The cycle ends on April 24.

Limiting its impact is possible, and using a protection candle is one way to push out negative energies. A special chakra candle like this one attracts positivity and makes room for good vibes only.

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