Mesh flats are the returning trendy shoe that will not be left behind in the 90s. As the ice melts from a snowy winter and bare trees blossom with flowers, the change from wall to winter is evident by the stark shift in apparel. People are breaking out of their winter hibernation and swapping out their closets with their springtime clothing.

Mesh flats are breathable shoes that can be dressed up or down. Their styling versatility has made them a recurring trend throughout the years. Often compared to ballet flats, flat lovers deemed the transparent footwear as the slipper of spring. Its thin design and lightweight fabric promote comfort and breathability. In addition to its chic, comfortable material, the variety of styles alone is enough to keep flat lovers hooked into the summer season.

Any outfit pairs with the must-have footwear’s versatility. From wearing the “quiet luxury” footwear with jeans or skirts to wearing them with a dress or shorts, they add an extra layer of pizazz. Quiet luxury describes a lifestyle that thrives on the principles of appearing effortless without significantly displaying wealth. That extra eccentric style quality has the potential to change a basic outfit into a statement piece. 

The sheerness of the shoes also incorporates an extra layer of uniqueness, making them a standout item. Many have found a compelling aspect of the trend to be its display of feet, especially a fresh new pedicure. While exposing the toes is off-putting to some, those who have joined in on the mesh flat trend embrace it.

With their revival in the 1990s, mesh flats are a timeless trend that will never go out of style.

Best Ballet Style

The Drop Women’s Pepper Ballet Flat with Bow

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Amazon

The Drop Women’s Pepper Ballet Flat is a sleek, classic style that evokes the “quiet luxury” footwear trend. This timeless staple is a must-have mesh flat because of its ability to be paired with a variety of outfits.

Best Bedazzled Slippers

Arqa Slip On Ballerina Shoes

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Amazon

The Arqa Slip On Ballerina Shoes features an extra layer of flair with the rhinestones element on top. The lightweight and durable material adds to its comfortability with the leather padding included with the shoe. Adding this flat to any wardrobe elevates an outfit from basic to unique.

Best Statement Piece

Oartway Shiny Gem Mesh Flats

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Amazon

The Oartway Shiny Gem Mesh Flats guarantees turned heads and complements for its extraordinary design. The see through material makes it breathable, helping to prevent sweat while wearing the pair of flats.  

Best Durable Piece

DOEYG Mesh Ballet Flats

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Amazon

The DOEYG Mesh Ballet Flats is right for those days that you want to elevate your casual workday or school outfit. The buckle across the top of the shoe provides extra security to ensure the feet are not slipping or sliding in the flat footwear. This style comes in six other colors, perfect for any occasion.

Best Dressy Mesh Flats

Allegra K Women’s Pointed Toe Slip On

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Amazon

The Allegra K Women’s Pointed Toe Slip On is perfect for elegant attire. The pointed toe completes the dressy attire, ensuring all toes are covered. This style represents the “less is more” approach when pulling together an outfit.

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