Though we don't need a poll to tell us, our Forever First Lady, Michelle Obama, has been named this year's "Most Admired Woman" in America. According to Gallup, this is the first time in 17 years that Hillary Clinton has been knocked off the top spot on their annual poll list. 

As NBC News reports, from December 3rd to December 12th, the Gallup poll asked open-ended questions to 1,025 random Americans about the women they admire most. Following the results, 15 percent named our good-sis Michelle most admirable. And most admirable, indeed! From releasing her best-selling memoir Becoming to effortlessly slaying the fashion world, it's no secret that our girl can do wrong! C'mon, how could you not love her?

For those still looking to see the Queen in person, Obama has added 21 more cities to her book tour. She recently shared on Twitter that she hoped to create "meaningful" experiences for her fans. 

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