Wu-Tang is back at it, this time it doesn’t involve great music — it involves makeup. Wu-Tang Clan has partnered with MILK Makeup to create a collection of some seriously luxe lipsticks.

MILK Makeup is a New York-made company that prides itself on being a cruelty-free, paraben-free and 100% vegan company that provides nourishing products that can take you from daytime “fresh-face street vibes to full-face studio looks,” according to their website. 

Photo: Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup also draws inspiration from their community which almost makes it a no-brainer that they would partner up with some of hip-hop’s pioneers and New York’s finest — Wu-Tang Clan. The product of the two forces include 8 longwear lip colors which are named after earthly elements such as: Mountain, Lake, Wind, Fire, Thunder, Earth, Water and Heaven. The MILK website also features a consultation with the I Ching to find which lip color is best suited for you which also gives you a deeper meaning behind each shade. 

Photo: Milk Makeup

As if the lipstick shades weren’t poppin’ enough, the lipstick bullet they're encased in are as stunning as the shades. The black encasement features the iconic Wu-Tang “W” along with an original design which combines the Mandarin character for beauty which compliments Milk Makeup’s logo flawlessly. The lipsticks are meant to “inspire the inner Wu Warrior in all of us and help us set intentions and master our identities with each shade,” according to Paper Magazine.  

Photo: Milk Makeup

To top off this amazing collaboration, the duo recruited another born and bred New York icon — Teyana Taylor — to be the face of the luxe lip collection. The campaign video, produced by Wooden Collective and directed by Milk Makeup’s Co-Founder Georgie Greville, shows Taylor being her unapologetic self and “using the various lip colors as a coat of armor.” 

Check the video out below:

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