Blavity’s founder and CEO, Morgan DeBaun is expanding the Blavity family with a new baby!

The media mogul took to Instagram to share the news with her followers.

“Just when you thought our Blavity team couldn’t get any more dynamic, guess what? We’re adding another member to our squad,” she said in the post’s caption. “Yes, I’m excited to announce that I’m pregnant! 🎉 This pint-sized addition is set to join our Blavity family in early November. Josh and I are so full of love and all smiles as we enter this new phase as parents together.”

21Ninety spoke with DeBaun about her upcoming life as a CEO and a mother and what that will mean for her.

Photo credit: Morgan DeBaun

Morgan DeBaun On Becoming A Mother

DeBaun has worked tirelessly to build the Blavity brand to where it is today. Now, she is prepared to balance her creative baby with her own child thanks to the amazing team she has around her.

“After nearly nine years of dedicated work in building Blavity, one invaluable lesson I’ve learned is the immense power of a strong and supportive team. It is this power that will enable me to embrace both roles—as a “mom” and as a “CEO”—with confidence and success,” she explained.

DeBaun added that a capable and dependable team is key to juggling both roles.

“I will be able to navigate the responsibilities and challenges that come with being a CEO and a mom. This intentional approach allows me to focus on the growth of Blavity while simultaneously cherishing the precious moments of motherhood.”

Slowing Down For Greater Blessings

DeBaun reflected on 2020 when the pandemic forced many people to stop the hustle and bustle and slow down. During that time she moved to Nashville to be closer to family. There she unknowingly began the process of creating her own family unit.

“I knew I wanted to be a mom one day, but I also knew that I might not find a partner and I wanted to build a full and balanced life in Nashville where I could have help from my family. Luckily, in making that move and allowing for that space for peace in my life, I fell in love with an incredible man and was able to build this new chapter in my life,” DeBaun explained.

The CEO says it wasn’t a quick decision however.

“I did not make the choice in haste and went through the different stages of emotionally, logistically and practically preparing for what a pregnancy could look like as an executive and the type of parents and world we wanted to create for our child,” DeBaun said.

The Beauty of a Woman’s Body

On her pregnancy journey thus far, DeBaun says that she is learning to trust her body.

“The process of nurturing a growing life within me during the first trimester gave me a humbling realization: I am no longer the sole arbiter of my energy levels,” DeBaun recalled. “In essence, surrendering to my body’s innate wisdom has illuminated the beauty of patience, while the contrasting dynamics of energy fluctuation throughout pregnancy have taught me the value of being gentle and forgiving toward myself.”

Morgan DeBaun’s journey through pregnancy shows that even women in the highest positions need rest. Creating a life is an outstanding process that needs an outstanding amount patience and care. The journey is beautiful and you must take the time to sit and enjoy it.

“This unexpected facet of the journey serves as a reminder that honoring my well-being and embracing the ebb and flow of life’s natural rhythms can bring a profound sense of balance and harmony to this transformative experience,” DeBaun said.