Naomi Campbell is bringing her infamous walk and incredible life to YouTube!

“I decided that I want to share more of me with you, that you get to see me as a real person and the things that mean a lot to me.” 

The jack-of-all-trades admitted it took her a long time to want to be this open with her life publicly in this manner, but she felt this was the time to do it. Campbell realizes she has done so many incredible things in life and has learned so much in a multitude of areas and she wants to be able to share that with others. 

PHOTO: Vanity Fair

“What’s the point of me keeping all of this stuff in? I want to share it women across the world and especially women and young women in Africa. I want to see the next generation use the things that I’ve said.” 

On her Being Naomi channel, we can expect to see snippets of her daily life, projects that hold reverence in her life, trials/triumph and moments that she hopes inspires us all. 

“I’ve been a supermodel. I’ve been an activist. I’ve been a friend of the most amazing people in my lifetime. I’ve been criticized and I’ve been praised. But through all of this, I’ve always remained Naomi.”

There’s no word on an upload schedule as of yet, however, she already has a few videos uploaded! Take a look at her video on Nelson Mandela and Global Citizen’s first ever event in Johannesburg, South Africa: 

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