For a lot of women, menstrual cramps are annoying monthly visitors.  You can't stand the pain of the cramps while you're at work or school, and you tried aspirin, but it's not helping you. The good news is that there are natural and effective ways to get relief.  You can use essential oils to decrease the pain and here is how it works. Sage oil can improve your mood and it relaxes your muscles so that the pain goes away.  Lavender or cypress oil also works.  Here are other natural ways to decrease menstrual cramps

Incorporate Herbs into Your Diet

Adding fresh herbs to your meals can also decrease menstrual pain.  Some good ways to do this include:

  • Drinking chamomile tea
  • Adding fennel seeds to your salad
  • Drinking ginger-lemon water
  • Taking cinnamon capsules
  • Adding dill to your vegetable smoothies


Some studies have shown that if you drink chamomile tea, you increase glycine levels. Glycine is beneficial for relieving muscle spasms, and it's great for relieving cramps. There was a 2012 study in which girls who took fennel extract experienced fewer menstrual cramps.  

Use a Heating Pad

The application of heat can help you with muscle relaxation, and this decreases menstrual pain.  A study published in Evidence-Based Nursing showed how heat was just as beneficial as ibuprofen. And a 2014 study from the Journal of Physiotherapy stated that heat application helped a lot with making the cramps more manageable.  

Cut Back on the Caffeine and Sugary Foods

Caffeine might temporarily give you relief from PMS, but in the end, it could trigger menstrual pain.  Once the high from your coffee or soft drink wears off, you're back to feeling tired and in pain. Instead of consuming unhealthy snacks, eat more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Drink plenty of water because it flushes out toxins in your system, and it leads to less bloating.  This could mean less menstrual pain.

Physical Exercise

One reason why exercise helps relieve menstrual cramps is that it releases the endorphins you need to eliminate the muscle tension that causes the pain. The endorphins also improve your mood.

These tips will assist you in getting rid of menstrual pain without taking over-the-counter prescriptions.