At first, I was terrified. I felt as though my body was levitating, but I could not fully experience it. And the darkness that engulfed me seemed to grip me with even more fear. So I pressed a red button inside the pod that slowly released soothing trance-like music. After a few minutes, I was finally able to let go and float in the dreampod for the next 65 minutes.

Soft Life Season

In this season of basking in the soft life, trying new experiences that promote this cause is imperative. This is why when I got an email from a spa that I frequent saying that they were running a “Float Special,” it piqued my interest. And before I knew it, I was in a white, space-ship-looking pod.

Of course, I did a little research before booking the appointment, but no online op-ed could prepare me for what I was about to experience. As I looked through online articles and watched YouTube videos, the words “sensory deprivation” kept popping up, and even though I tried to imagine what the experience would turn out like, I was not even close.

Op-Ed: I Tried Water Float Therapy And It Was Unforgettable
Photo Credit: Alonso Reyes

What Is Float Therapy?

The overarching goal of float therapy is to relieve stress, and relax the mind. During the process, one lays inside a sensory deprivation tank that is filled with water and epsom salt to help the body reach a  point of relaxation. This is able to benefit the body positively by reducing stressors and toxic tension. And also relaxes hormones, aiding in better sleep.

Op-Ed: I Tried Water Float Therapy And It Was Unforgettable
Photo Credit: Sughnen Yongo-Okochi

My Experience

My Float Therapy session lasted about 60 minutes. And at first, when I walked into the room, I did not know what to expect. There was a shower stall, and then in the middle of the room was the large dream pod. The pod was fascinating to me because it had vibrant lights that kept changing between different colors.

The spa representative who was helping me advised me to take a shower before and after the float. I asked her a few follow-up questions, and then she left.

Op-Ed: I Tried Water Float Therapy And It Was Unforgettable
Photo Credit: Sughnen Yongo-Okochi


After the shower, I cautiously climbed into the pod and sat in it for a few seconds before closing the lid. I double-checked to make sure that if for some reason, the lid did not open back up, someone would be able to hear me scream if something happened. That never happened, and there was enough air so I did not feel claustrophobic or trapped.

For about ten minutes, I held onto the inner handle in the pod because I thought that my body would sink. This caused me to flail and jerk around. But somehow, I was finally able to let go, relax and just float as the lower part of my body submerged into the water. Before that, I shut off the lights in the cubicle and pressed the red button to put on the music.

Op-Ed: I Tried Water Float Therapy And It Was Unforgettable
Photo Credit: Dazzle Jam


For me, floating required a lot of trust. I needed to trust the pod and the water. I also needed to trust that the epsom salt was potent enough to keep my body floating above the water. Float therapy relies on both epsom salt and the body temperature water to lift the human body up and release tension. For about an hour, I allowed my body to just glide through the water. At several points, it felt as though I was floating on air, and the stillness and calmness of my body was palpable.


Overall, I was challenged by the float experience. That night, I slept better than I had in a while, and when I woke up, my skin was taut and glowing.

If you are curious about experiencing it for yourself, go for it, but keep your eyes and mouth closed. The epsom salt tends to sting, but what’s a little sting compared to a good night’s rest and popping skin?