Lupita Once Again Shows Us Why She’s The Queen of Authenticity

Oscar Awards over the years have always been flowing with exceptional style. This year, was no exception, and Lupita Nyongo’o stood out, as usual. From the time she broke onto the Hollywood scene, Nyong’o has been a fan favorite.

Her mesmerizing beauty and unique hairstyles have always been a topic of admiration and conversation. At the Oscar awards this year, she did not fail to disappoint with her unique updo. On the Oscars red carpet this year, the Black Panther star’s flawless skin was highlighted in a stunning Prada gown—amply illuminated with sequins, paillettes, and beaded bloom bursts. Her creative hairstylist Vernon François also made sure that her hair was equally as iconic.

In an interview with Vogue, François explained where the inspiration for the hairstyle came from.

 “It’s a sisterlocks updo with a soft, graceful, glamorous feel influenced by what Lupita is wearing and the occasion,” said François. In the interview, François also shared that the theme of the entire look drew inspiration from African figures in classical Greek art. “The asymmetrical, hand-sculpted shape echoes the floral design in Lupita’s dress while elongating her neckline,” he said.

Over the years, Lupita has never failed to turn heads with her unique figure, timeless style, and sheer eloquence. This Oscars moment was no different. Her hairstylist shared that he had to introduce various hair design techniques to create the final look.

 “There’s twisting, locing, braids, weaving,” François told Vogue. He also said that he used Matrix’s Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking leave-in treatment throughout the styling process to keep Nyong’o’s hair nourished.

François put a lot of thought and effort into what he wanted to create with the look and how it would mesh with the dress that she wore to the event. He told Vogue that he wanted the updo to mirror the motion of Nyong’o’s dress. 

“You might not realize it on first take, but movement is an important part of this hairstyle,” he said. “The artistry creates the illusion of fluidity as Lupita walks the red carpet.”

Nyong’o has always been red-carpet savvy. Since she became a sensation, she has represented many Black women in America, showing them that their skin is not a limitation but a superpower and their dreams are valid. In a world where Black hair is often seen as unappealing, it is a breath of fresh air, when someone like Nyong’o changes continues to rebel against the narrative. We can’t wait to see more of her stunning and versatile hair looks in the future.