Hearing that you smell good while wearing your favorite perfume is one of the best compliments a person can receive.

The key to keeping a lasting scent can be tricky and frustrating. While there are several ways to test the longevity of a fragrance, it is important to understand how the concentration of a perfume impacts how long it will last. The strength of each fragrance varies. The higher the concentration of a perfume, such as parfums, the stronger scent and the longer it will last. Lower-concentrated perfumes, such as body sprays, won’t stay on the skin as long.

Regardless of the type of fragrance, here are four tricks to help your perfume last throughout the day.

Use Unscented Body Wash and Moisturizer

The choices are endless when selecting a scented body wash or lotion, which makes it harder to find an unscented option on shelves. Fragrance-free body care products maximize the longevity of perfume fragrances. It’s easier for the smell to stand out when it isn’t competing with other scents.

If finding unscented products is difficult, using body washes and lotions that match the scents is another option. The best approach is to purchase products from the same brand as the perfume or search for items that share a similar scent.

Apply the Scent While Doing Your Hair

This is one of the most underrated hacks for perfume longevity, and many overlook its potential. Throughout the years, spraying perfume on pulse points has remained a key way to make a scent last longer. While that still works, applying fragrances to the hair is an additional step that provides long-lasting results.

To prevent hair damage, it is recommended not to spray perfume directly onto the hair. It can be drying if it contains alcohol. Instead, search for fragrances designed to be sprayed throughout the hair. Other alternative methods include spraying the perfume onto a brush or comb or around the head, allowing the mist to seep into the hair.

Don’t Rub Together After Spraying Pulse Points

A common misstep after spraying pulse points is to rub the fragrance into the skin. This breaks down the perfume’s molecules and messes with its composition. This simple act causes the scent go away quicker. The friction also causes the skin to become hotter quickly, making the scents evaporate faster.

Use Vaseline Before Spritzing 

Petroleum jelly works well with preserving scents for long periods of time. Vaseline is an oil-based product that works as a binder when perfumes are sprayed. It slows down the evaporation of perfume oils, ultimately allowing the scent to stay longer.