Real Housewives of Atlanta star and Dish Nation personality Porsha Williams is not only a master of the spotlight, but she has mastered the art of wigology too. 

PHOTO: Allure

The 36-year-old Georgia peach invited Allure into her wig-room — yes, a whole room just for her wigs — and who they met in the room is truly captivating. Although it is said wigs can be found in any given room/area in the house and Williams’ car, the wig haven houses about 40 wigs. We are introduced to three specific wigs: Carrington, "a Georgia housewife who spends her weekends browsing housewares at Z Gallerie and speaking intently into her Android phone."; Olivia, "the executive chairwoman of the board of trustees of some company that is both charitable and economically formidable."; and Pocahontas, "a princess, daughter of Powhatan, jewel of the Tsenacommacah, savior of men, and star of her own eponymous Disney film, with twin cascading tresses that part down the center of her head."

In addition to the unspoken personalities, visitors of the wig room are able to see a spread of different hair colors, textures and styles, all curated by Williams and her wigmaker. If this all sounds like an intricate, mechanical process, you are not alone in your thinking. Hair is Williams’ passion. From wearing/assisting in creating units to selling hair on her site Go Naked Hair, her interest in the endless possibilities surrounding hair grew from an interest into an obsession. 

PHOTO: Allure 

According to Allure, she has been wearing partial weaves since her high school days but  began dabbling in wearing varied hairstyles units after her divorce. For her, being able to pop on a new persona and switch it if the mood was right was empowering. Not only did her provide her a new creative outlet but it allowed her to fall in love with herself again. 

PHOTO: GoNakedHair 

Williams’ wigs are more to her than units of carefully crafted hair, it’s a passion; even her assistant is a part of her wigs/wig room maintenance squad. 

"When my assistant got hired, he didn’t think that half of his job would be maintaining my babies," Williams told Allure

PHOTO: Allure

Her assistant takes photos of the wigs and Williams carefully examines each to give instructions on which need treatment and which can return to their private room in her home. These wigs have got it made and we can’t tell who we are more envious of: the Atlanta Housewife or her wigs! 

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