These days, people are getting more and more creative with how they unveil big news. Once upon a time a bride would simply ask her friends to be bridesmaids or the maid of honor. Now, social media sites like Pinterest upped the ante and people expect bridesmaid proposals and gift baskets. 

Similarly, gender reveals are the new big deal, sometimes famously causing catastrophe along the way. But way before couples can even get to the gender discovery stage, there’s something even bigger — the initial pregnancy announcement. Although this usually refers to sharing the good news with friends and family, it also includes when a pregnant woman first shares her happy discovery with her partner. 

So, if you just got that big fat positive test result and haven’t told your partner, here are the most adorable ways to let them know that your family is expanding

Set the Table for Three (or Plus One)

If you’re usually the one setting the table for dinner, one fun way to spill the beans is to add an extra place setting. Alternatively, you can invite your partner out to dinner, but be sure to make that reservation for three (or one plus the current family size). Swap the extra place setting for a congratulatory decorated dessert or plate of fruits. 

Show and Tell

Of course only you know what your partner is into. So, if they prefer straightforward information, sit them down and tell them or show them the big fat positive on the pregnancy test.  

Classic Baby Shoes or Clothes

Who doesn’t love adorable baby shoes, onesies, and cute little matching outfits? Baby clothes are by default, adorable. So, another fun way to spill the beans is to pick up a pair of baby shoes or a few pieces of clothing. Since these announcements are usually happening barely a few weeks into the pregnancy, stick to gender neutral styles that can be used once the baby arrives. 

Get Everyone in on the Surprise

If this is a new addition rather than the first child, then having the other kids participate with the announcement not only makes it more fun, but ensures that they feel included rather than excluded. Consider creating cute shirts that say “big sister”, “big brother”, “oldest child”, or “middle child.” 

A Pizza Reveal

Everyone loves pizza, but this time it can do more than fill an empty belly. Make it a pizza night but this time use the ingredients to spell a message. Depending on how big the pizza is, consider “baby” which is simple and to the point, or something like “we’re pregnant” if the pie is big enough. 

Enlist the Family Pet

For many couples, their pet is their first baby. And they’re not trying to ignore or replace their furball, no matter how happy they are to expand the family. So, another fun idea that keeps that furry friend centered in the celebration is by using them to announce that there’s a baby on the way. Maybe they’re wearing a shirt or neck kerchief that says “we’re pregnant” or “you’re going to be a parent”. Alternatively, if they’re well trained and good at taking direction, having them bring a pair of shoes or a baby toy to your partner can also drive the message home. 

A Specific Scrabble Game

For the gamer family, word games are always an easy way to pop the big news. Spell out “we’re pregnant” or “baby” the next time the Scrabble board’s out. 

A Surprising Sweet Treat

For some people, tasty announcements are the best way to spread good news. Consider going to a bakery to have cupcakes or even a cake made with a special decoration sharing the good news. Alternatively, if there’s a candy shop nearby consider having a special set of chocolates or sweets made with a unique label announcing the new bundle of joy. 

Create a New User

These days, most people subscribe to at least one streaming service — and potentially have multiple users under one account. Make a subtle pregnancy announcement by creating a new user on that streaming account. Either leave it for the partner to discover on their own or make a show of signing into the account and deciding on which of the user profiles to use. 

So Many Ways to Share the Big News

Whether shared immediately after getting that big fat positive test result or savoring the information and reconfirming with an OB/GYN appointment, there’s a lot of excitement that goes into sharing pregnancy news with a partner. No matter whether it’s the first baby or a new addition to the family, it’s a special moment in time that needs to be memorialized.