Moms-to-be need to find ways to care for themselves. But there are a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to self-care while pregnant. Products might contain chemicals that are not good for the baby. Exercising in certain positions or even the wrong type of massages can put pressure on the womb. Yes, you should prioritize self-care, but do so with informed resources and educated tips. 

According to certified birth doula, Jeri Free, self-care during pregnancy is so important. While it will look different for every person, the bottom line is self-care is essential. It’s also important to know that practicing self-care does not mean you are neglecting your baby.

“Being pregnant is a blessing and many times we get so engulfed in preparing for the baby we tend to forget about ourselves,” Free said. “Remembering to love ourselves and to do for ourselves is so important.”

Pamper Yourself

Pregnant women should pamper themselves. They can get massages, get their nails and toes done, get their hair done, or have girl time with friends. Free explains that pampering yourself can also mean doing nothing. 

“Take time to do something for you,” Free said. “Being pregnant is a blessing and many times we get so engulfed in preparing for the baby we tend to forget about ourselves.”  

Massages and facials are perfectly okay when pregnant. When it comes to massages, Free recommends reaching out to a professional that specializes in prenatal massages. 

“There are pressure points that we don’t want people to hit to trigger labor,” she explained. “That is why someone who does prenatal massages should be the go-to because they are trained in this area.”  

Get Outside

When it comes to self-care during pregnancy, keep it simple. Free encourages pregnant moms to practice self-care habits outside like walking in your neighborhood, going to the park, or just sitting on the porch. 

“Not only does this give you fresh air and lots of vitamin D, but it is a time for a slight change in scenery,” she added. 


Another practical self-care tip that Free suggests is to take time throughout the week to journal and practice mindfulness. You can draw, write, answer journal prompts, or just create in a way that makes you feel like the truest version of yourself. 

“These are simple ways to set time for yourself away from everyone else,” Free explained.

Exercise Moderately

Moving your body while pregnant is wonderful, and there are several exercise facilities that actually offer specific classes for pregnant women.  

If you are an expecting mom who already exercises regularly, Free explains it is best to consult with your doctor or midwife. A doctor or midwife may inform you to pay closer attention to your body and your heart rate and make sure the exercises that you are currently doing are safe. 

For an expectant mom who is not already regularly exercising, Free doesn’t recommend jumping into hard core intensive exercises.  

“Take it easy and find what makes you feel good,” she said. 

Take a Break From Social Media

Pregnant women should not do anything that will hinder the health of themselves or their child. Free encourages moms-to-be to cut down on social media as they enjoy their pregnancy. 

“Mental health is important during this time, and social media is not always the best outlet,” Free said.