Have you ever craved stimulation and movement while completing a task? Then, you’ll want to look into getting a quiet fidget toy, also known as a silent fidget. “A quiet fidget toy can provide someone sensory stimulation without causing distractions,” board-certified psychiatrist at PsychPlus, Cassandra Boduch, MD, told 21Ninety. “This helps channel excess energy and boost concentration during tasks,” the psychiatrist explained. Quiet fidgets are useful for anyone of any age. Plus, they don’t create a ton of noise. So, you can bring them to work, or use them as you work from home

How To Use a Quiet Fidget To Help With Focus

“To use a quiet fidget toy effectively for focus, integrate it into your routine in a controlled manner,” Dr. Boduch explained. The board-certified psychiatrist mentioned that as you explore options for a quiet fidget, feel free to try out more than one type of toy. “People should experiment with different textures or motions that provide sensory satisfaction without being overly distracting,” Dr. Boduch stated. That means, your toy shouldn’t take over the main task you’re trying to complete. 

  • Best Quiet Fidget Spinner: Yogi Adult Quiet Fidget Spinner
  • Most Convenient Quiet Fidget: Mr. Pen Spiky Silent Fidget Rings – 10 Pack
  • Most Fidget Functions: WTYCD Original Rubberized Classic Game Controller Fidget Toy
  • Best Ergonomic Quiet Fidget: ONO Roller Handheld Fidget Toy for Adults
  • Best Soft Quiet Fidget: Speks Blots Splotch Silicone Stress Ball

Best Quiet Fidget Spinner

Yogi Adult Quiet Fidget Spinner

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Yogi’s Adult Quiet Fidget Spinner isn’t like the loud and clunky spinner of years past. This toy features a silicone-lined ring on one end and a spinning gear on the other. Plus, it comes with five silicone ring sizes so you’re able to find your custom fit. Or, you can use different ring sizes for different fingers. More importantly, this two-inch long fidget toy fits anywhere and you can always have it on hand.  

Most Convenient Quiet Fidget

Mr. Pen Spiky Silent Fidget Rings – 10 Pack

Mr. Pen’s Spiky Silent Fidget Rings – 10 Pack is a convenient and colorful toy. Each ring is 1 inch long and 0.4 inches tall. Each ring has coils of “spikes” that don’t hurt. As you roll the rings on your fingers, you’ll feel them poke you in a gentle way. The sensation offers a bit of stimulation without any pain. With 10 in one pack you can put one in every bag you carry, on your work desk, and the bedside table. 

Most Fidget Functions

WTYCD Original Rubberized Classic Game Controller Fidget Toy

WTYCD’s Original Rubberized Classic Game Controller Fidget Toy has eight fidget functions. There are two clickable buttons, two silent buttons, a gear roller, a grip massage roller, a large clickable button, a dial that spins, a spring-loaded slider, and a pickable edge. Plus, the toy itself is only a couple inches long and fits in your pocket.

Best Ergonomic Fidget

ONO Roller Handheld Fidget Toy for Adults

ONO’s Roller Handheld Fidget Toy for Adults is a larger quiet fidget that has one function – it rolls. Its ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand so that you can flip it in your hand without thinking about it. With this toy, you can easily check your emails with one hand while rotating this toy in the other. Plus, it comes with a branded pouch for easy storage.   

Best Soft Quiet Fidget

Speks Blots Splotch Silicone Stress Ball

Speks’ Blots Splotch Silicone Stress Ball is a soft squishy quiet fidget. This green splotch has a squeezable center and six flexible knobs. Use this fidget as a stress ball by squeezing it as tightly as you can. Or, play with the knobs by pulling and twisting them while you’re at your next online meeting. 

How Does a Quiet Fidget Help a Neurodivergent Person Focus

Its often assumed that only neurodivergent people benefit from using fidget toys. But, truly anyone can use a quiet fidget. “Neurodivergence usually refers to the natural variations in neurological structure and function, encompassing the differences in cognitive, sensory, and developmental aspects,” Dr. Boduch explained. “It explains that not everyone’s brain functions are the same and shows how conditions such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and others are part of this spectrum.”

For those with or without an official neurodiverse diagnosis, using a fidget toy has the potential to offer sensory satisfaction along with impulse management and anxiety. According to the board-certified psychiatrist, “the repetitive, subtle motions of a quiet fidget toy provide sensory input, potentially aiding concentration and minimizing distractions, making it a supportive tool for focus.”

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