If you live in a metropolitan area, rat boy summer and hot rodent boyfriends may sound more repulsive than intended. You’ve probably already had your fair share of rats and none of them were individuals that you wanted to date. However, GenZers have given us a new slang-ish term for the “normal guys” who aren’t subscribing to the dad bod or gym rat aesthetics. They’re lanky, medium height to tall, with scruffy hair and angular faces. The category itself was sparked by Zendaya’s Challengers co-star Josh O’Connor who in his look fits the hot rodent boyfriend description, but is also a huge fan of the film Ratatouille. A number of other celebrities fit the bill, but here’s our spill on what it means to have a rat boy summer x hot rodent boyfriend. 

What Is A Rat Boy x Hot Rodent Boyfriend?

A rat boy (summer) describes the influence of non-traditionally handsome men who have now become a desired group. In their confidence, they’ve caused a stir around being non-muscular, thin and somewhat feral. They smell like old coffee, wear vintage clothes and are a good time. Once a rat boy becomes a hot rodent boyfriend, they’ve transcended. Their hotness multiplies in connection to a partner with whom they’ll spend ample time enjoying activities and the casual cigarette. Celebrities that fit into this category are Zendaya’s Dune co-star Timothée Chalamet, and The Bear’s Jeremy Allen White to name a couple examples. If you’re even the slightest bit intrigued, here’s what you may be in store for!

Rat Boy Summer x Hot Rodent Boyfriend

The rat boy summer is characterized by time spent with a hot rodent boyfriend who is well-read and softer than the average macho muscular man or business bro. His looks have equipped him with relatability and recent celebration of his physique have begun to popularize his look. The confidence was actually probably always there as fighting patriarchal ideas of men and body shaming are not outside of his realm either. They’re the golden retrievers of small animals that reciprocate appreciation. And while this is supposed to be a development within the societal norms that men face, according to reports, the actors and public figures who fit into the rat boy summer and hot rodent boyfriend aesthetics have all been white. 

What Does This Say About Men, Their Looks and Societal Norms?

It may seem out of bounds to say that men face stigma when it comes to their bodies, but they do exist. Just think, this celebration of thin men who aren’t deemed traditionally handsome is a bit of a spectacle within itself. Because why else would it be necessary? As for dad bods and muscular bros whose conversations have been on the table a bit longer, the fact that their attractiveness is up for a widespread debate feels ironic. It’s as if comparison is the underbelly of the conversation similar to what we’ve seen in conversations about women and their bodies. However, if this truly is a move in the right direction, maybe rat boy summer and hot rodent boyfriends will open up the conversation of why we rate one another at all. Wishing the rat boys, hot rodent boyfriends and their partners a lovely summer!