“Too much of a good thing can be bad.” Ever heard that saying? Technology has some excellent benefits. I use it almost every day for both my job and personal life.  And I would never, ever argue against the responsible use of it. That being said, it is becoming increasingly apparent that we can, at times, develop an unhealthy attachment to it.

A study by Daily Mail stated that some mobile device owners check their devices every 6.5 minutes. Even further, an article by Business Insider reports that roughly 88 percent of consumers have slept with their phone next to their bed because they wanted to make sure they didn’t have any missed calls.

But do we need statistics to tell us we are over-attached to our technology? I’m sure we can all feel it when technology starts to take its toll on us. Nonetheless, we need to be reminded again and again: Technology has a power-off button. And we should know when to use it.

Taking a break from being on the web, even for just a few hours, can be an excellent refresher for your mind. It gives you the chance to refocus and come back stronger than before, with a fresh mindset.

Practice unplugging, at least once a week, with these top tips:

Have a pamper night (bubble bath included)

Organize office space, makeup table, closet, any place in your home that needs a refresh

Try power down apps 

Apps like Freedom will disable your entire Internet connection for a time set by you. Self Control will allow you to block access to uniquely specified websites (for example Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, your favorite blog) for a set time, but still, have access to the rest of the web.

Choose to start your day another way 

Commit to not turning on your phone or computer when you first open your eyes. After all, the world ran smoothly without you for the previous 7-8 hours; one more really can't hurt you know?

Read a self-help book or if you are spiritual, some scripture to help find your zen

Take a walk around your neighborhood and get to know the people you live near

Go shopping or to grab some food, whether it is by yourself or with friends(and leave that phone in your purse or pocket)

Spend some time getting crafty, like creating a vision board or crocheting/knitting

Watch a movie you have never seen before

Meditate and practice breathing exercises to de-stress

Have a family or friend board game night

Journal out your thoughts for the day

When was the last time you let yourself unplug from the web? How long did it last?

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