During pregnancy, the skin has quite a lot of changes to cope with, especially around the abdomen. This usually means the occurrence of stretch marks. So, what exactly are those little streaks on the skin? Stretch marks occur in pregnancy when skin layers stretch over your fast-growing body. You may have them on your belly, bottom, thighs and the breasts. 

To help with these new changes, it might require a little extra TLC. And, while there are plenty of creams and lotions, why not try the DIY route instead by creating your oil treatments? 

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This is where avocado oil comes into play. Avocado oil helps keep our skin supple and promotes elasticity naturally. The oil contains a lot of skin-supporting vitamins such as Vitamins A, D, and, E, all vitamins are essential for skin healing and repair. In addition to all these benefits, Avocado oil also contains tons of Omega-3 Fatty Acids which are used to tackle skin aging, and renovation damaged skin cells, hair, and nails, while gentle chamomile and soothing lavender essential oils give the mixture a decadent scent.

With this oil recipe, courtesy of Botanic Tree, it can aid in improving the elasticity of your skin. Massaging the affected areas with oils make your skin smooth and help reduce the stretch marks in the long run.

Photo: Unsplash


– 7 tablespoons avocado oil

– 5-7 drops of lavender and chamomile oil


1. Measure two tablespoons full avocado oil into a bowl

2. Add to the oil your drops of lavender and chamomile oil

**If you are not a fan of these, carrot seed oil and tangerine oil also works very well with avocado oil and can further help to promote skin health and regenerate damaged skin cells. 

3. Mix the oils well, and allow to settle before using

**After your daily and nightly shower or bath session, clean the skin dry with a clean towel and gently massage the mixed oils into your skin. If you want to up the results, do this process two to three times daily instead of one.

4. To apply, rub a little oil in your hands. Spread it over your belly wherever the skin feels tight. Massage it in and store your leftover oil properly.

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