The queen of queens, RuPaul, has all of the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent we could ever wish for, but Ru also has a makeup collab with Mally Beauty approaching! There’s little information on the collaboration so far, however, a recent press release was announced to PopSugar stating that it will be a capsule collection comprised of 10-12 cosmetic products with individualized concepts for each product.

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Mally Beauty posted about the upcoming collection on Instagram with a hot pink announcement saying, "Mally Beauty x RuPaul," and a caption that simply said, "#MallyXRuPaul."

#MallyXRuPaul 💋 More info coming soon!

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"Ru has always stayed true to who he is and unapologetically puts himself out there," Mally Roncal, Mally Beauty creator, stated in the press release. "He exemplifies self-acceptance and has inspired and taught millions of people to love themselves. This seamlessly blends with Mally Beauty's mantra: What makes you different makes you beautiful! I feel blessed to have the honor of working with RuPaul and have him connected to my brand."

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According to PopSugar, Ru also had some very sweet things to say about Mally and her brand. 
"I love Mally. Her approach to makeup is exemplified by her personality," Ru said, "Smart, sexy, fun, and beautiful, I really dig this woman!"

We’ll continue to gush over both of these empowering icons until the collaboration drops sometime early next year. In the meantime, we’ll be keeping a lookout for more info via Mally Beauty's Instagram as well as RuPaul's Instagram.