Sarah Jakes Roberts wrapped the last leg of her book tour on Tuesday, with Los Angeles as the final stop.

The New York Times bestselling author released “Power Moves: Ignite Your Confidence and Become a Force” on April 30. Roberts’ book is an inspirational read for women who want to break free from society’s projections and rediscover their authentic selves. 

After touring seven cities for two weeks, Roberts returned to her home base to deliver a transformational message about power. The pastor hosted the nearly three-hour event at the ONE: The Potter’s House Church. Unlike other book tours, The Power Moves Tour featured giveaways, an impromptu talent show and special guests. Lauren London, Reesa Teesa, J. Bolin and Dr. Anita Phillips took the stage alongside Roberts in Los Angeles for an unforgettable evening.

She drew hundreds of women into a packed auditorium. With notebooks in hand, attendees were ready for Roberts to fill them with the motivational teachings she is famous for delivering. Her spiritual gift of inspiring others has made her a viral sensation, leaving people hungry for more of her ministry. 

Her strong, impactful online presence translates in real life. The energy in the room was electrifying. Emotions were high as tears flowed and laughter escaped from several attendees. That evening, a higher power was also present as Roberts provided a prophetic word on unlocking and unleashing an aura of unwavering confidence

In today’s hustle culture, people often associate power with money and status. Roberts, however, strays away from the notion of power being an external factor. In her book, she challenges audiences to recognize their innate power and become a force from within. From her own life experiences, she discovered how uncovering her definition of power lifted her attachment to society’s prescription.

“I felt like power, the definition of it and who has it, has been hijacked by this notion that fame, popularity and riches automatically make you powerful,” Roberts told EBONY. “What I have learned in serving others over the years is that people with all of those qualifiers still feel stuck. It made me realize that until we are intentional about defining power for ourselves, we may fall victim to pursuing someone else’s definition of power in our own lives.”

In her guide, Roberts touches on how power flows even when she is in a season of rest. As a women with several obligations, she has learned that power manifests in different ways.

“I rested on the reality that true power is authenticity and honesty, but it’s also fluidity,” she said. “When people name all the roles I present—wife, mother, businesswoman, pastor—they all embody a different definition of power. How I am as a businesswoman is not the same as who I am as a wife.”

Certainly, it took years of reflection and examining the various areas of her life for Roberts to reach this revelation. Now, she wants to help other women do the same and be a bridge for those struggling to tap into their inner selves with “Power Moves.”