Despite being married to one of the most famous NBA players, Mrs. MVP, Savannah James has truly created her own lane. The mother of three, shared her journey with The Cut. In the magazine James discusses being high school sweethearts with Lebron , supporting her baller sons, and her beautiful, eccentric daughter, Zhuri. 

Savannah’s High School To NBA Romance 

James’ first high school date with Lebron was at Outback Steakhouse. James knew her husband was “the one” when he decided to bring back her leftovers she left in his car. James recounts a time when he treated her to breakfast even though she was asleep. James said she “hopped out of bed” quickly and spent the entire day with Lebron.

In the magazine, James applauded her parents for their marital advice. She said they taught her to exude grace in marriage.

Savannah Believes In Self-Care 

James refuses to read online comments about herself. Instead, she prioritizes her mental health to become a better woman and mother. James revealed she’s in therapy and wants to “age like vintage wine.” Also, James detoxed her body for three months, a time when she says she regained mental clarity.

Aside from her maintaining her physical health, James loves beauty and fashion. During her younger days, she was heavily into streetwear. Now the mogul incorporates luxury into her wardrobe. She’s a big fan of Fenty lip glosses and minimalistic makeup. James says her evolution in beauty started when she watched her mom take the time to glam herself up. James labels herself a “kitchen beautician.” James maintains her daughter’s luxurious, long tresses which she calls a “task and a half.”

Mrs. James Pours Into her Kids

James told The Cut that she considers herself a “cool mom” for her unwavering support. She’s a basketball mom to her sons, Lebron Jr. (Bronny) and Bryce James. Overall she wants them to be happy. James makes sure she “pours” into her children, especially her daughter, Zhuri. 

James recounts a time when Zhuri revealed she wants to be “just like her.” James says she was shocked at Zhuri’s statement. With all her endeavors, she says she hopes Zhuri still feels the same at 14 years old. James says her biggest blessings are her children. She gives “high fives” to Lebron for their parenting. The basketball wife says her children amaze her everyday.