Let's face it, every woman has her own set of upper-body goals. Maybe you are at your local gym and all you can see is arm envy. Or, perhaps you're like me, and you tend to google Michelle Obama for some inspiration—only to find that arm envy is even more legit.  

Some of us want toned arms and shoulders, while others desire Instagram-worthy biceps. Or maybe, some of us just want to look great in our favorite halter top or shoulder dress. Whatever the reason, we are going to have to put some work in. Fortunately, killer biceps and triceps aren't just for those who are genetically blessed. You don't even need to have a gym membership to tone your arms, sis. 

Here are five #Youtube workouts with self-sculpted arms that define fitspiration. Watch below to see exactly how they did it and then get ready to score picture perfect arms yourself with these workouts.

Toned Arms in 5 minutes  | Black Girl Slim

Video: Black Girl Slim

GET TONED ARMS 10 MINUTES | Koboko Fitness

Photo: Koboko Fitness


Photo: Koboko Fitness

4 Easy Arm Toning Workout | Jungle Barbie

Photo: Jungle Barbie

Arms Workout for Women! Biceps, Triceps, Weights & Soup Cans | Abiola Abrams

Photo: Abiola Abrams

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