It's no secret that Serena Williams is the original GOAT. From her 23 Grand Slam singles tennis titles to investing in female entrepreneurs, Williams wins at everything she does. And now, she adds body inclusivity to her long list of greatness. When she unveiled her namesake clothing line, Serena, this past summer, the tennis legend realized there was one important element missing from the collection: sizes over XL. "We wanted to do this the right way," Williams told Vogue during her first pop-up at this year's Art Basel. "We started from scratch and went back to the drawing board. We wanted to use plus-size fit models and for those models to feel like the clothes were made just for them, and not extended." 

Following the relaunch, Williams' GREAT collection now offers sizes from XS – 3X. "We want everybody to be seen and be heard, because we are all great!" Williams hopes her inclusive collection will provide confidence for all women who wear GREAT. 

Like serving a tennis ball on the court, Williams serves her empowering role as a champion for not only female athletes but for all women worldwide. Prices for the collection range from $40 to $175. "When I want a quality shirt, I go to a higher-end department store and it’s going to be, like, $495," said Williams. "So it was important for us to have that exact same quality but to keep everything under $200." To shop the GREAT collection, visit Serena Williams' website here.

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