Serena Williams has been on everyone’s radar for simply being the queen that she is. The 37-year-old has flawlessly slayed her tennis career, her design collab with Virgil Abloh and is endlessly supporting women. The feminist icon has recently shared with Adweek that she’s looking to invest in more female entrepreneurs, and we are all the way here for it. 

Photo: @serenawilliams

Brands such as Weight Watchers, Gatorade and Nike have endorsed Williams, and she’s backed almost 30 companies as a venture capitalist. Williams wants to invest in companies that receive less than 2 percent of funds raised by venture capitalists and ensure that she keeps a focus on promoting black businesswomen. 

“If I can introduce these women with great companies to other people, I feel like, wow, we can make a little bit more noise,” shared Williams to Adweek. “There are so many African-American people who have great ideas because of the color of our skin.”

This isn’t the first thing that Williams has done to try to extend a hand — the Williams Sister Fund, which was co-founded with her sister Venus Williams, donates money and resources to their hometown of Compton, California. She also raises awareness of maternal mortality and maternal health along with being an ambassador for UNICEF. 

Photo: @serenawilliams

With her latest collection, she also worked to inspire and empower women. She mentioned to Adweek that she feels as if she’s drawn to helping people, “I’ve always stuck up for the downtrodden or the people that aren’t in as fortunate of a position. I feel like the vessel for that, for whatever reason, and I’m going to continue to create that awareness and try to create true equality for everyone.”

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