There are certain women that you can never read too much about, Serena Williams is one of those women. The tennis pro has always endured hardships, criticism, racism and sexism — none of which have stopped her from continuing to be the G.O.A.T. 

In a recent interview with Elle, Williams shared that she’s officially backing Billie — an inclusive womyn-centered shaving company that offers subscription services for women’s shaving products. Billie was created to dismantle the stigma behind body hair on women as well as providing tools that are specifically made for women without the hefty pink price tag. 

"I'm proud to become an investor in Billie, an inclusive female body brand that’s raising awareness and tackling this inequity head on," Williams shared with Elle.

"The shaving industry is dominated by male brands which have traditionally overcharged and underserved women. I’m thrilled to be part of a company that’s putting women first," added the new mom. 

Williams also shared that Billie’s mission spoke to her, "The brand is so real about body hair. When it comes to women, shaving is a big part of our daily routine, and Billie understands we don’t just wake up hairless. It’s something we have to make time for and prioritize on our end. Billie understands our needs and is committed to painting an authentic picture that resonates with women."

For Serena Williams, carving out time for herself is important. 

"When you make time for yourself, you feel like the best version of you and that extends into other facets of life. My self-care routine varies— whether I’m trying a new product or staying loyal to my feel-good classics like coconut oil, I always carve out moments to tend to myself and nurture my body," said Williams.

When it comes to building confidence, the star’s secret is trusting herself and not letting the opinions of others define her self-esteem. 

"Beyond that, I am so fortunate to have a loving family who keeps me strong when I need it most. And, the support and encouragement of my fans is something that I hold very dear and drives me every day," shared Williams with Elle. 

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