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This Body and Hair-Positive Brand Just Put Out The Most Amazing and Real Campaign

by adelfamarr


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Do you remember the last time you’ve seen a woman’s body hair on shaving ads and commercials? While most of those ads lack the hair, proof and diversity, Billie is here to shake up the game. Billie is a very cool, woman-focused shaving company that believes "women shouldn’t be an afterthought in the shaving category" and that "we deserve to have a great shave" without paying more for it. 

photo: Unsplash

Billie has an affordable razor program, along with very affordable body washes, lotions and shaving cream, of course. The brand has mastered the razor blade suited for women — one that can withstand shaving an entire leg before rinsing the shaving cream and hair off of the blade. (Mmm hmm, we all do it, don’t worry!)

photo: Unsplash

If you were in need of more convincing that Billie is simply amazing, lets get into their ad campaign — "Billie's Project Body Hair campaign celebrates female body hair in all its forms." Along with the amazing photographs in the campaign, there will be a film directed and photographed by Ashley Armitage.

photo: Unsplash

The greatness doesn’t stop there seeing as the brand has also donated the beautiful photos to stock and photo sites for public use. Their photographs can be accessed and used through Unsplash to spread the fuzzy love. 

photo: Unsplash

Billie is also trying to encourage more self-love and a diverse photograph selection by allowing uploads to be featured on their website through projectbodyhair.com and by hash tagging #projectbodyhair. The representation of reality can continue to grow with everyone’s contributions. 

photo: Unsplash

"Project Body Hair reflects Billie's ethos that women are not 'goddesses' for shaving; they should only shave when they want to, and paying more for a razor because it's pink is absurd," shared the brand. 

Be sure to shop Billie’s products on their website

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