Skai Jackson has gracefully navigated the challenges of growing up in the spotlight. Since first stepping on on the scene as a Disney Channel star, she was seen as an adorable girl with a large personality. Now, Jackson is ready for society to accept her as an adult.

“It’s been hard being able to grow up in front of everyone,” Jackson shared candidly with 21Ninety. “People have certain expectations of how you should grow up, especially when they’re so used to seeing you since you were literally a baby on TV.”

Despite the challenges, the star has embraced her journey. She makes sure to emphasize the importance of staying true to herself.

“I honestly just took it day by day and grew up in the way that I wanted to grow up,” she revealed. “I never let anyone get in between that or make me feel like I had to grow up faster.”

Jackson’s maturity shines through as she navigates the nuances of fame and adulthood. Having to go through adolescence under a microscope is not easy however has made her resilient and developed her inner strength.

“I’ve learned so much about myself,” she reflected. “I have so much patience, and I kinda just block out what everyone has to say.”

Skai Jackson’s Hair Evolution

Photo Credit: Cantu Beauty

As Jackson has evolved in front of the eyes of millions, so did her choice of hairstyles.

“My hair routine is pretty simple,” she shared. “Before I was just using products from different places. I never had like a set hair routine. But now, with Cantu, I’m able to do that.”

Jackson and hair care brand, Cantu Beauty have partnered on a line of new reformulated products made with organic ingredients and boosted moisture. The line is powered by certified organic fair trade shea butter in collaboration with the Global Shea Alliance.   

Jackson’s hair journey, much like her personal growth, has been a process of learning and embracing her natural beauty. Now, with Cantu Beauty, she’s able to help others get in touch with their hair too.

“I naturally have really thick hair,” Jackson explained. “It was really hard for me to learn how to do my hair because I would get so frustrated. But a big help for me was YouTube and seeing that there are so many other girls in this world with thick 4-C hair like me and being able to embrace that.”

Looking ahead, Jackson is excited about her partnership with Cantu and other upcoming opportunities. However, she’s keeping the details of her next big move close to the chest.

“I have so many fun things coming up,” she shared with a smile.”I kinda don’t ever like to tell what’s coming up for me. You’ll just see it when it happens.”