We’ve all felt the feeling before. Having an indescribable connection with someone that feels like it transcends lifetimes, a gravitational pull unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s as if you can read each other’s minds, finish each other’s sentences, and communicate without even saying a word. In a world where dating is more laborious than not, it can be thrilling to feel this kind of connection, having you thinking, “This has got to be the love people write songs about!” 

This kind of connection is often known as having soul ties with someone, a deep karmic bond that’s divinely orchestrated. On the surface, it can seem sweet and romantic, though truthfully, it can easily get pretty addicting, and sometimes, dangerously toxic.

If you suspect you may be soul tied with someone in your life, let’s explore the signs of this kind of connection, where it comes from and (if necessary) how to break it.

What Are Soul Ties?

Simply put, being soul tied means having a strong mental, emotional, and ultimately, spiritual connection with another person. While this connection can be platonic or familial, it’s usually witnessed within a romantic context.

The concept was born within spiritual New Age belief systems, said to be a soul recognition brought into our lives for a higher purpose, like inner growth and fulfilling our dharma. The term has found itself popularized in modern-day mainstream dialogue because it conceptually defines the intense emotional connections people find themselves feeling and are unable to explain, going beyond a typical soulmate bond.

What Do Soul Ties Feel Like?

From karmic partners to twin flames, there are a ton of connections that can feel soul tied, though they’re each unique and specific. If any of these symptoms resonate with your relationship, you may be in a soul tie dynamic:

  • Your connection lasts the test of time, as if no matter how far you run from each other, something always snaps you right back together.
  • You get crazy synchronicities and see angel numbers any time you’re with them or thinking of them.
  • Time doesn’t exist when you’re with this person and hours can go by feeling like minutes.
  • They leave you feeling energized and inspired after spending time together.
  • You can be fully yourself, feeling unconditionally accepted and understood.
  • You feel a sense of home within them.

When Soul Ties Get Toxic

Feeling soul tied to someone can be intoxicating and exciting, even while exhausting, but it certainly is no excuse to stay in something toxic. We can often find ourselves soul tied to people who aren’t good for us because the chaos may emulate an unhealed trauma or wound and can mask itself as comfort. Here are some signs to look out for when your soul ties with someone is becoming destructive:

  • Both or either of you experience intense jealousy, possessiveness, or codependency.
  • There’s an unsettling or empty feeling when you’re far apart for too long.
  • You need each other’s approval or input before making decisions.
  • The relationship has become the defining factor of your identity.
  • You leave any time spent with them feeling drained or anxious.

Moving on from a toxic soul tie is totally possible, and you can reclaim having a healthy relationship with yourself and any future romantic contenders by choosing yourself and following some easy steps.

How To Break A Soul Tie

Whether the soul tie has become dangerous or you’re simply ready for a new chapter in your life, it’s totally your prerogative to want to break off the connection. You can start cutting the chord by:

  • Openly communicating about no longer feeling like the connection is serving you.
  • Having impenetrable boundaries that protect your needs and safety.
  • Cutting off any unnecessary communication and blocking them on social media.
  • Pouring into self care and surrounding yourself with an uplifting community.

What’s important is to remember that beyond the karmic universe, you have full agency over your body, life, and relationships, and if you feel you’re in any kind of real danger, you should always let someone of authority know right away.

Soul Ties Are One of a Kind

Don’t be scared if you think you’re experiencing a soul tie. You’re not doomed for drama, nor have you necessarily found the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with. What’s important is to honor to magic of the experience, because it’s not every day we find ourselves in a deeply spiritual connection. Whether it’s a lesson in choosing yourself or a healthy and everlasting connection, the soul tie experience varies case by case but is always unforgettable.