Relationships are challenging and complicated. If you are in a toxic relationship, here is how to evolve and transition from it.

Talk To A Neutral Party

When relationships grow and revolve, it is not surprising that families, mutual friends, and loved ones can become involved. If you suspect your relationship is toxic, reach out to someone who does not know you and your partner. A neutral person can help you validate your thoughts and come to a reasonable conclusion about what steps to take next.


No matter what your religious beliefs are, it is important to check in with yourself and a higher power to figure out what direction you want to take. Intuition is a big part of life, and if you are feeling as though your partner may be the wrong person for you, lean into your gut reaction to find the right answers.

Stick To Your Guts



If something is consistently bothering you about your relationship, chances are that you are right. Usually, we get the inclination that something is wrong in a relationship, but we dismiss it because the dopamine feels too good. If you have felt like your relationship is toxic and in the wrong place, listen to your guts, and stick to it.

Listen To Your Body

“Unhappily ever after” can be a tough place to be in, but our nervous systems often have a way of telling us when something is “off.” If you are having a stomach ache, sweaty palms, or an overall bad gut feeling in general when you think of your significant other, it is time to consult and move on. The sensations in your body, whether it is a nagging headache, tension, or a stomach bug, all mean something. Pay attention.

Put Yourself First

Selfishness can feel like a vice, but a lot of times, it is a good thing. If  you have confirmed that you are in a toxic situation, be selfish and recognize that you need to put yourself first. Do not ignore your needs, but instead, focus on putting your wants, needs and requirements first above anything else. It requires a lot of hard work, but it is worth it.