Spray-on serums delivers active ingredients to your skin without requiring you to rub your hands on your face. Alexis Pfropper, a licensed esthetician, also said that spray-on serums are equally as effective as those applied with a dropper.  

Do Spray-On Serums Have the Same Efficacy as a Regular Serum?

Serums, whether they are spray-on or droppers, are effective. The only thing that matters, according to Pfropper, is that you choose a serum that suits your preferences and skin needs, and use it correctly. The licensed esthetician recommended taking a look at the ingredient list of the spray-on serum that you may be interested in. You want to make sure that your bottle isn’t simply packed with water and fragrances. Opt for ingredients that will actually help nourish your skin. 

As for the application, it is important to spray your serum close to your face. Pfropper suggests evenly spraying it a few inches away from your face. Then, she advises users to gently pat the skin to ensure that the product was absorbed. That ensure that your skin is getting the care it craves.

Best Anti-Pollution

CHANEL N°1 DE CHANEL Serum-in-Mist

CHANEL’s N°1 DE CHANEL Serum-in-Mist refreshes your skin, while protecting it from pollution. Red camellia flower extract is this spray-on serum’s key antioxidant to protect your skin from the elements. It also moisturizes your skin with a blend of jojoba oil, camellia seed oil and glycerin. You also can use it both under and over makeup. 

Best Firming

Iris&Romeo The Reset Luminous Serum Spray

Iris&Romeo’s The Reset Luminous Serum Spray serves three purposes. It’s a spray-on serum that adds firmness to deflated skin by including several ceramides. It also acts as a moisturizer by using hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to nourish your skin. Its last usage is a luminizer that gives your skin a natural glow without makeup. 

Best Hydrating

TONYMOLY 24K Snail Hydrating Serum Mist

TONYMOLY’s 24K Snail Hydrating Serum Mist nourishes your skin with a formula that claims to include over 90 percent snail secretion. Snail secretion, or snail mucin, is that trail left by snails as they move along a surface. That slimy trail forms a moisturizing protective barrier on the skin that gives your face a serious hydration boost.

Best Vegan

Kosas Plump + Juicy Vegan Collagen + Probiotic Spray-On Serum

Kosas’ Plump + Juicy Vegan Collagen + Probiotic Spray-On Serum is cruelty-free and doesn’t use animal products. It also hydrates and firms your skin. This spray-on serum uses a blend of peptides, plant-based probiotics and vegan collagen to visibly plump the skin. 

Most Active Ingredients

Allies Of Skin Molecular Saviour Probiotics Treatment Mist

Allies Of Skin’s Molecular Saviour Probiotics Treatment Mist uses a blend of eight active ingredients to support your skin barrier while keeping it moisturized. It won’t evaporate the moment you spray it for a more effective treatment. Niacinamide, lactobacillus ferment, silver, silk amino acids, mango extract, acai fruit extract, glutathione and ergothioneine are the active ingredients in this spray-on serum. 

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