Now that we’re truly in the thick of spring, this might be the best time to get into a rebrand. For those who didn’t get the memo, a springtime rebrand is the best excuse to resurface with fresh energy in line with the spring season. Think of it as your personal new year and a reintroduction of who you are. A new cycle is always welcome, especially if it includes personal development and new ventures. We picked out the top items you’ll want to add to cart to revive your goals and visions with ease. Use this guide to replenish your energy for a refreshing rest of the year, because who doesn’t crave a mid-season do-over?

Healthy mind and body

As with any transition, the work truly begins in your mind. Revamping your life in spring is a great way to recalibrate and start afresh on your self-maintenance. Clearing out your head space and prioritizing healthy habits is a step worth investing in. Give your mental health a springtime boost with a refreshed workout plan. Exercising outdoors now that the temperatures are slowly rising or waking up earlier to stretch for longer than usual is all on the agenda. A fitness planner will help make it achievable this springtime. The planner is compact and super easy to use. It comes in a range of colors and makes planning workouts a little less daunting. Designed by experts, this Fit Log will put the excitement back into workouts.

Hair as the ultimate springtime rebrand

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Nothing says springtime rebrand like a haircut. Hair is known to store old emotions and energies. Moving into this season feeling brand new goes hand in hand with a new style. Release old energies stored in your hair with a trim or something more dramatic. The premium hair-cutting set contains stainless steel, professional hair-cutting scissors. Whether you’re a pro or a first-timer cutting your hair at home, this set will make it a smooth affair.

New energy

Adding to your new look with something a little symbolic? A new piercing to mark the season and add to the stack is always a good idea. Spring is all about rejuvenating, starting over, and healing. To ensure that your piercing is both stylish and set to heal without problems, we recommend this ear-piercing sleep pillow. It makes sleeping with a new ear piercing much less painful and minimizes healing complications. The Zuobloe ear piercing pillow is designed with side-sleepers in mind. It minimizes pressure while sleeping and is adjustable. New energy for a new piercing aftercare routine? You’re already sounding brand new.


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Spring is the perfect time to clean and switch up your makeup routine. 21Ninety loves this Huda Beauty blush which shows up and shows out on darker skin tones. The formula is designed to bring a pop of color to your complexion while offering a seamless finish. Nothing screams springtime like a hint of blush to soften the look.

Revamp your skincare for Spring

Clean out your beauty products and make space for a new skincare routine. It’s time to show your skin some love and a refreshed skincare routine is all you need. Honest Beauty is a top brand for clean and sustainable beauty which is good for your skin and the planet. This cleanser, infused with Chamomile and Calendula is an ideal cleanser for sensitive skin and the active ingredients make it alleviating for acne-prone skin too. The cleanser is also a favorite for those wanting to thoroughly cleanse their skin in the warmer months to come.

Home space

Nothing can convince us that a springtime rebrand is complete without a slight home makeover. Clearing out the old to make space for the new is a surefire way to activate that signature spring energy. Decluttering your home space doesn’t have to be a mammoth task. Evelyn Halliday’s ‘Declutter Your Home: Modern Techniques For Happiness Through Simplified Living’ is a great place to start. This book provides several methods and techniques to cut out the excess to live in a clutter and stress-free environment.

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