Let's face it, all of us have struggled at some point in our lives with being able to stay focused in life — whether it be work, school or wherever else.  

There are so many ways for us to get sidetracked from our work responsibilities, social duties, love lives, and time spent with family. However, there are some ways that we can become proactive and ensure greater focus and stability. So, let's help get you focused! Use these tips that follow to get that mentality back on track today.


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One way to up your energy levels is to ingest foods that aid in increased focus and attentiveness. One option is to drink caffeine (which happens to be one of my favorite pastimes). Although an overindulgence can lead to some negative results, incorporating at least one cup of coffee a day can be beneficial, serving as a method to stimulate the brain and make you feel more energized and alert.


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Dark chocolate is so known to help with concentration, as it contains a large number of antioxidants, caffeine and plenty of other substances that act as stimulants. Nuts can also be a robust and healthy little snack, mainly when it comes to channeling brain power. Nuts contain protein, aiding the body in providing that much-needed energy boost when preparing for a big day at the office or right before a workout.


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If you are not a fan of the nutrition choices, have no fear, there are other ways to optimize your time efficiently. Additional tips to help you focus are to clear all unnecessary distractions and try not to multitask. Creating an environment that minimizes disturbance like television, music, noisy coworkers, even social media is essential when you need to focus. The best advice I would give is to wean yourself off of these interruptions gradually. Try and go for an hour without these things and see how much you can get accomplished.


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Another tip is to take breaks. It is definitely okay to step away from the madness sometimes. Go outside and get some fresh air or go to your car and listen to some relaxing music. Always make sure to recharge and refresh your mind!

Having focus is imperative for everyone's state of mind. How will you find your center?

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