Known for her smooth vocals, intricate braids, and captivating dance moves, the “water” singer exudes a distinct South African style that just hard to miss. Tyla effortlessly blends edgy elements with street chic, incorporating bold prints, distressed fabrics, and striking accessories to create a dynamic aesthetic that echoes her vibrant sound. Her fashion choices seamlessly complement the soulful, rhythmic beats she produces, captivating fans with a visual experience that mirrors the energy of her performances. Whether commanding the stage with her electrifying presence or embracing a casual off-duty look, Tyla’s bold and eclectic style offers a refreshing take on the amapiano genre, establishing her as both a musical and fashion icon.

What is Tyla’s Style?

Photo credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Apart from her iconic sand dress showcased at the Met Gala, Tyla rarely opts for dresses. Instead, she prefers to play with her silhouette by layering super short mini skirts, ruffle tops, or bandeaus, paired with chunky boots. Her signature style leans towards a grungy, earthy vibe, often featuring shades of green or “dirt” washed denim, complemented by distressed lace tops.

Best Bag

Diesel 1 dr XS

Photo Courtesy of Diesel

Overall, Diesel appears to resonate with Tyla’s style persona. Its rugged raw hems, distressed denim, and grungy aesthetic are staples in Tyla’s wardrobe. This bag embraces Diesel’s signature Y2K silhouette with its raw-hemmed denim and metal hardware, offering a modern twist on a classic favorite in Tyla’s fashion repertoire.

Best Mini Skirt

Cider Denim Washed Raw Hem Pleated Knotted Mini Skirt

Its pleated design and raw hem detail add an edgy flair to the classic denim skirt silhouette, making it a versatile wardrobe staple. Tyla would effortlessly wear this skirt with a cropped graphic tee and chunky jacket for a laid-back yet feminine look.

Best Puffy Boots

Moon Boot Nylon Lace-Up Snow Boots

Photo Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Tyla’s style thrives on bold statements, making these puffy boots the perfect fit. Their exaggerated silhouette and chunky toe and overall fur align perfectly with her edgy yet playful aesthetic. Whether paired with mini skirts or distressed denim, these boots add an extra dose of attitude to any outfit, showcasing Tyla’s youthful approach to fashion.

Best Bandeau Top

PLT Plus White Linen Look Ruffle Hem Bandeau Crop Top

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Pretty Little Thing

Incorporating feminine touches into her grungy style, Tyla embraces the versatility of bandeau tops. This ruffle hem crop top not only accentuates her silhouette but also adds a playful flair to her look. Its crisp white color and linen texture offer a refreshing contrast to her earthy denim and distressed tops, showcasing Tyla’s ability to effortlessly mix and match styles.

Best Layered top

SOFIAS CHOICE Womens Off The Shoulder Tops

Layering is a key element of Tyla’s signature style, and this off-the-shoulder top allows her to play with proportions while maintaining an effortlessly cool vibe. Its loose, draped silhouette adds depth to her outfits, while the off-the-shoulder neckline adds a touch of femininity. Whether worn alone or paired with a contrasting top, this piece embodies Tyla’s knack for creating eclectic ensembles.

Best Low Waist Baggy Jeans

KMBANGI Women Y2K Low Waisted Jeans

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Tyla’s love for unconventional denim styles is perfectly reflected in these low-waisted baggy jeans. Their relaxed fit and vintage-inspired design complement her grungy aesthetic, while the low-rise waistline adds a rebellious edge to her look. Whether styled with a cropped top or layered under an oversized shirt, these jeans allow Tyla to showcase her unique fashion sensibility with confidence.

Best Sunglasses

Eiuizah Y2K Sunglasses

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Amazon

No Tyla-inspired ensemble is complete without a pair of statement sunglasses, and these Y2K sunglasses fit the bill perfectly. Their bold, futuristic design adds a retro-inspired touch to her looks, while the tinted lenses offer a hint of mystery. Whether she’s rocking an edgy daytime outfit or channeling ’90s nostalgia, these sunglasses elevate Tyla’s style with their iconic silhouette and undeniable attitude.