No matter what level you have reached in your fitness journey this particular move can be beneficial to you and enhance your workout. 

It’s called step-ups! And while it may look super simple, when done in reps, it can really pack a punch. Not only are there several modifications for this move, so don’t worry about getting bored with it, but it helps get your heart rate up, strengthens your legs and even helps with your stability. 

NYC-based certified personal trainer and certified Spin and TRX instructor, James Brewer, spoke to SELF about the impact of this move also brought attention to the fact you have to activate your coordination skills to do this successfully. 

If you’re looking to make this move more strength-focused, here are some ways you can do so, according to SELF

  • – Drive your knee up every time you step
  • – Add weights to the movement 
  • – Change up the pace of your step; for example, “… descend over five counts and then as soon as your heel touches the ground, you explode back up,” says Brewer.
  • – Switch up the placement of your feet to change which lower-body muscle you’re activating 

PHOTO: Motivate Elevate 

Something else that makes this exercise so great is you can basically do it anywhere. All you need is something to step up on and you’re ready to go! It can be used as a warm-up move or a part of a circuit lineup or as an active-rest move while weight training. 

Stephanie Mansour, a Chicago-based certified personal trainer, also told SELF step-ups can be done throughout the day to help you improve your circulation, especially if you sit at a desk all day. 

One crew who is hip to the importance of moving throughout the day is Octavia Spencer’s castmates/crew of the upcoming show Are You Sleeping?.

According to Mekhi Phifer, another Are You Sleeping? co-star, every hour, 10 minutes after the hour, each person on set has to do 10 reps of an exercise of their choice. They call it “Ten at Ten” and as you see above, Spencer can be seen getting her step-ups on! 

If you’re ready to give step-ups a try, here’s a 20-minute step-up cardio training video to get your blood pumping: 

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