This Is Us has had us hooked since the first episode with relatable characters, real experiences and standout characters that tug at our heartstrings. Susan Kelechi Watson — Beth on the show — is a true standout in each episode. Her portrayal of a hard-working mother, a ride-or-die wife and the best friend we all wish we had speaks volumes the amazing work she does as an actress on the show. 

Photo: Oprah Mag

Watson recently sat down with Oprah Magazine to speak about her come up in the acting world, her role in the show and what she hopes out of her relationship in the future. Throughout the interview, Watson proves to be even more likable in person as she is on screen with a down-to-earth vibe that shines brightly in the interview. 

As a young girl, Watson knew she wanted to become an actress. She recalls her parents’ concerns with her desired career choice, but also remembers that they never forbade her from pursuing her dream — they just wanted her to do something on the side to make “actual money.” 

Photo: @susankelechiwatson

She earned a degree from Howard University and an MFA from NYU, but it never dimmed her passion for acting. However, like many actors, it took a minute before things started to kick off for the actress. After booking a few gigs on shows like NCIS and Law and Order, she got a role on Louie as Louis C.K.’s wife and mother of their two daughters. 

When it comes to This Is Us, the 37-year-old actress admits that she “can’t get too self-aware” about her role in order to ensure that she remains truthful to Beth and allows her to just be. One thing she is aware of is her hair on the show — Beth is seen with a new style every week, either protective or donning her natural curls, Watson’s hair choices are no accident. 

Photo: Susan Kelechi Watson

“Every single episode, I get a vision of what I want Beth’s hair to be and talk it out with my stylist, Renee,” Watson revealed to Oprah Magazine. “I went natural myself in 2012, and I had my own hair journey. So I know that for Beth to be authentic, her hair is always going to be changing because as Black women, hair is such a big part of our lifestyle. That's also why I make sure each style looks like something she could have done herself as a working mom and wife.”

Aside from being a boss mom on the show, she’s also a wonderful wife to Randall Pearson, played by the adored Sterling K. Brown. Their relationship is filled with rollercoasters of emotions which is often lifted with Watson’s sense of humor and quick wit that leaves us wanting to see more of her.

Photo: Susan Kelechi Watson

As for Beth’s relationship with Randall, Watson hopes that it teaches couples to be there for one another, even through arguments and anger. “They represent this idea of just being a team in the best way for each other, but they don't let each other get away with stuff, either,” shared Watson. “They also just seem to enjoy being with each other. If there's anything they’ve shown me that I hope to have in my own relationship one day, it's that I want to really enjoy being with that person.”

The Beth we see in ourselves while watching the show is an intentional reminder that she is every woman, “extraordinary in her own right, proud of being black and proud of rocking her natural hair.”

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