A founding member of the sister-led R&B group, The Braxtons, with four solo Grammy Award nominations under her belt, Tamar Braxton is an undeniable force in the industry. Her gregarious personality and vulnerability through life’s struggles have landed her hosting gigs on primetime television and adoration from many.

It can be difficult for a woman with such high accolades to find herself an equitable partner, though that hasn’t stopped Braxton on her quest for love. So who is Tamar Braxton’s boyfriend today? Read on to find out.

Who Has Tamar Braxton Dated?

Braxton’s celebrity dating history is riddled with trial and error, though the strength she’s garnered to keep giving love a try is why she’s revered as one of R&B’s greatest.

She met record producer Vincent Herbert in 2003, marrying only five years later and giving birth to their son in 2015. Showcasing much of their love on reality television, they had high highs, but their lows were certainly low. The two called it quits in 2017 during a very public divorce, in which Braxton accused him of infidelity and domestic abuse.

Those same accusations would be coming back her way after dating Nigerian actor David Adefeso from June 2018 to August 2020, which ended in a tumultuous manner. He issued a restraining order and later dropped it, though he followed up with a cease-and-desist letter. 

She’s also been linked with Atlanta Falcons football player Chuck Smith, record producer Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, and rapper Birdman. Herbert also wasn’t her first marriage, having tied the knot with Darrell Allamby back in 2001. By 2003, the two were already divorced, citing incompatibility as the reason.

Who Is Tamar Braxton Dating Now?

So who is Tamar Braxton’s boyfriend today? Could lasting love finally be on the horizon for the singer?

While reality dating shows aren’t the most promising for finding true love, Braxton’s stint on “Queen’s Court” in mid-2022 may have just been the exposure she needed. After getting to know contestant Jeremy “JR” Robinson during her time on the show, the two’s chemistry became pretty undeniable, as the world witnessed love blossom at first sight.

Proposing during the finale of the show, the bachelor went on to proclaim, “I don’t want to be friends with you. I wanna be your spouse. Because I can’t imagine my life without you, I’ll be here forever. And I adore you, Tamar. Will you marry me, Tamar?”

Who Is JR Robinson?

A father of five from New Orleans, not much is known about Braxton’s fiance, beyond the fact that he’s an attorney and hopeless romantic. Though drama did ensue between his ex-wife and Braxton, he was quick to come to Braxton’s defense.

Trouble in Paradise?

In early October 2023, Robinson took to Instagram to share a sudden and shocking update on their relationship. “So many questions. So many assumptions. I want to answer all that I can with respect,” he wrote in a statement on his Instagram Story. “Yes, Tamar and I are no longer together. I ended the relationship to focus on getting back to positive energy and being a better person.”

He negates any wrongdoing on his end, going on to say, “No. I never cheated. No. I wasn’t there when she was at her mother’s place when her car was burglarized. No, I never cared about fame. Who reveals the most embarrassing moments in their life to find fame. The truth is I was in an amazing place financially and mentally. I turned down ‘Queens Court’ several times before I gave in. Ultimately, I fell in love and it did not end how I wanted it.”

He concluded his message by sharing that he hopes to “heal” from the breakup, adding, “Tamar and I will always be friends and family for life. Thank you for respecting our privacy.”

There’s Always Hope

While it may not have worked out this go-round, there’s always hope. For a woman who always sings of love, we can only root for Braxton in the hopes that she will finally get to experience the healthiest, most passionate version of it in due time.