If you're wondering what sort of gift to buy for someone who already "has it all" this holiday, you're not alone in the struggle, trust me. It can be hard to think of new and creative ideas for that particular person in your life.

But don't worry, sis. If you're looking to purchase a gift this year that won't fade away once the newness wears thin, then you've come to the right place. Take a look at these seven gifts that keep on giving all year round.

1. Cooking Classes

Photo of People Making Dumplings.

Photo: Pexels

What gift could honestly give back more than cooking classes? These are fun and a great way to either brush up on existing skills or learn new ones that you can utilize in your own kitchen.

2. Your skills

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Are you good at crocheting or enjoy painting? Make something. Love kids? Volunteer to babysit once a month to give loved ones a break. Use your natural given talents, be creative, and have fun while helping others.

3. Gas Gift Cards

Send Your Teen Driver Back to School with a Sunoco Gas Gift Card {Giveaway}

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Giving gift cards to help pay for necessities is indeed a gift that keeps on giving. The next time a friend is between paychecks or doesn’t want to use their cash to fill up, they will thank you immensely for this one.

4. Grocery box subscription

The Farm Fresh to You Farm Box subscription box delivers a box of fresh, seasonal 100% organic and GMO-free fruits and vegetables right to your doorstep.

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There are so many options when it comes to subscription box ideas. There are wine subscriptions, candy club subscriptions, the list goes on and on. And, sure, those are fun, but wouldn’t we want something more practical like groceries for the week? Grocery subscription boxes like HelloFresh, Home Chef, and Sun Basket take the guessing work out of meal prepping and shopping for you. Gift a friend with one of these, and hey, maybe they might even invite you over for dinner sometime soon!

5. Streaming service gift cards

SECRET SANTA. From Kiernan to Meggan. Netflix gift cards - since everyone in the world uses my login

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Yes, this is a thing, and they are perfect for last minute gift ideas. I am sure we all have that one friend that steals our Netflix passwords. This year, why not get them started on their own digital subscription journey to their favorite shows and movies? Other streaming subscription options to consider are YouTube Red and Hulu.

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