Dating in 2023 has been interesting, according to TikTok. The year has proven unpredictable for daters, and Millennial and Gen Z alike have not been very quiet about it. As 2023 comes to a close and 2024 draws near, 21Ninety is thinking about how to get ahead in the dating game. These trends are worth knowing so you and your single friends can look forward to.

Here are a few dating trends that dating experts from Plenty of Fish. Also, some bonus trends making their rounds on FYPs everywhere. Read on for the full story.

  • Rizz-Colored Glasses: This trend is all about people with larger-than-life personalities. Individuals drawn to relationships with charismatic and charming people (those with “rizz”) stand no chance. Though “rizz” is attractive to 52% of today’s singles, 43% fall for “rizz,” and later see the deceptive charm for its genuine nature. 
  • Canon-Bailing: Another trend worth knowing about is canon-balling, or the unofficial trend of building your identity outside of a relationship. Everyones hero’s has a canon event (a core moment that changes your life and sets you on a better path). Canon-bailing, for singles or those dating, is delving into better self-care, and the understanding of oneself. It is also pretty common, and definitely for those unafraid to prioritize their needs while in a relationship. In fact, 32% of singles know someone who has canon-bailed to focus on their identity.
  • Thera-posing: Have you ever been on a date where they overused language better suited for therapy. It is crucial to set clear boundaries and prioritize open communication in relationships, but singles have some hesitations around their dates constantly using “therapy speak.” For example, overusing or mislabeling clinical terms and language while trying to express yourself, beliefs or boundaries. 33% of singles know someone who has thera-posed, which seems to be an unfortunate reoccurring theme for Gen Z (42%). 
  • Crypt-ick: Everyone knows the feeling of being on a date (or even before you reach dating levels) and getting the “ick”. The “crypt-ick” happens when the person you’re dating comes off as one-dimensional.When you ultimately reconsider your relationship because they revolve their life around a single topic. Crypto bro’s take notes. Nearly 1/3 of singles have reported experiencing the “crypt-ick.”
  • PMI: PMI-ing or Premature Intimacy is another dating trend to look out for. This dating trend, reminiscent of TMI, shares the aftermath of one partner wanting to accelerate intimacy at a high speed. Dating experts believe that managing the urge to PMI is about getting a sense of your potential partner’s capacity to deep dive with you. Sharing too much too soon is something to watch out for on your first date. If you’re serious about successfully dating, hold back on sharing sensitive personal information and deep emotions early on. 
  • Infla-dating: The dating trend influenced by inflation deserves a mention. Infla-dating is related to budget-friendly dates and being mindful of the high costs of dating. The trend comes at a time when many are questioning their desired first date locations. 

These are the dating trends that singles can expect to see more of. What are the dating trends that surprise you most? Which dating trends are you slightly guilty of?