Instagram has become a tool for some but a way of life for others and let us tell you — the latter aren't doing so bad for themselves. Hopper HQ, an Instagram scheduling took, recently released their Instagram Rich List for 2018, which announced the highest paid influencers and celebrities on the social media platform. 

Topping the Rich List for the second year in a row is Huda Kattan, or as her Instagram handle reads, @HudaBeauty. Kattan can reportedly charge up to $33,000 per post, (yes, per post). 

The Oklahoma-born makeup artist moved to Dubai in 2006 when her father was offered an educator’s position there. Shortly after, Kattan moved to Los Angeles, where she discovered a love for makeup and began to take courses in makeup artistry. She quickly built a client list with some big stars before moving back to Dubai to work with Revlon as a makeup artist. 

Later on, she launched her beauty blog, Huda Beauty, which featured videos of her makeup tutorials along with everyday makeup tips. As Huda’s following grew, she began acquiring millions of followers on social media. She then launched her own beauty line, Huda Beauty, which debuted with false lashes and later came out with eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, highlighters and foundations. 

Huda Karan has been on top of the Rich List but she’s made a couple of other lists too — Forbes named her one of the "ten most powerful influences in the world of beauty" and TIME magazine named her one of the "top 25 most influential people on the internet" — talk about boss.

On 2017’s Rich List, Huda was able to earn about $17,000 per post with 20 million followers on hand. It's always inspiring to see a woman of color making boss money. Seeing as she’s nearly doubled her earnings per post this year, we’re all excited for Huda to keep adding zeros to those invoices. 

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