This past January, Astra Beauty launched their cruelty-free cosmetics company with its first product: Premium 4D Synthetic Lashes. Each lash is crafted with quality synthetic fibers and a flexible cotton band; curating the ultimate pair of luxury lashes. What makes these lashes even more out of this world? All the products offered through Astra Beauty are carefully intertwined with astrological events, signs, and traits. 

Founders, Ashley Bass and Ana Buford, pride themselves in providing quality, cruelty-free products. When asked what the mission statement was for the company, Bass and Buford stated, "to guide and inspire our customers by aligning beauty with the universe." 

As for why they decided to branch into the beauty market? They noticed there was a void in the market for lashes that are both cruelty-free and luxurious, so they went on a hunt to find them. 

After weeks of research and speaking to over 70+ vendors, Bass and Buford finally found the perfect lashes. That is when the co-founders turned their passions of beauty into reality. After manifesting their #BossBabe company, Bass and Buford strived to enhance women's beauty while, simultaneously, allowing clientele to be inspired and knowledgeable about their astrology alignment.

Photo: Astra Beauty

I was able to try the signature lash, Forbes List, and I have to say that they were some of the most comfortable and gorgeous pair of lashes that I have tried in a long time. Think soft, fluffy and light-weight. Not stiff, rigid and difficult application. They were easy to apply, blended effortlessly with my makeup and stayed put all night long without the need for reapplication. On top of providing cruelty-free lashes on the market, Astra Beauty will also be introducing new ideologies and customs that come with astrology into the beauty industry. 

Let’s break down their four featured lash styles, set to embody what we call “lash goals.” 

Photo: Astra Beauty

1. The Goat – $23

Photo: Astra Beauty

This Lash embodies the Capricorn personality. A practical yet bold look that screams confidence.

2. Forbes List – $23

 Photo: Astra Beauty

Forbes List is the ultimate lash for any Girl Boss! 

It’s screams “ I mean Business” and gets it’s name from January’s New Moon which was all about initiating new goals. If you take your goals seriously then you can see great financial gain! 

3. Independent – $23

Photo: Astra Beauty

A lash for the reserved, but still eccentric and quirky. Its independence stands out like an Aquarius.

4. Dreamer – $23

Photo: Astra Beauty

This dreamy and dramatic lash is a must-have for any look. Bring out your inner Pisces with their Dreamer lash. 

Whether you prefer your lashes long and voluminous or earthy and wispy, you should try out Astra Beauty for beautiful synthetic lashes that are from out of this world. For more information, visit their website here.

*Disclaimer: Astra Beauty was kind enough to send me over some lashes for review. This post is not sponsored, and all of my opinions are my own.

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