Actress Tiffany Haddish is sharing some insight on her 2021 breakup with rapper Common. Haddish says the decision to split “wasn’t mutual.” In an interview with Jason Lee, the rapper stated that breakup was, in fact, a mutual decision. But Haddish is now setting the record straight.

“It was more him saying, ‘I think this relationship has run its course,'” she said. Then she added, I was like, ‘Okay. Like you gonna be a 50-year-old single man. Okay?'”

However, the comedian did say that her time with Common was “the healthiest, the funniest relationship I’ve ever had.”

“It’s where I felt safest out of all the relationships I’ve ever had,” she said.

Haddish shared that she noticed a change in their relationship when Common started withdrawing from them. He stopped inviting her to events and outings, including his birthday party. She wasn’t invited to bring in his big day. He later broke up with her over the phone.   

Haddish stated that she is still waiting for her prince charming.

“I’m a pretty positive person, and I’m here to have an experience,” she said. “I would love to have a partner to experience it with. But also, I guess I’ve been alone for so long. And so used to being abandoned, I expect it. Which is sad, right?”

Tiffany Haddish and Common’s Relationship

Haddish first confirmed her relationship to the “Come Close” rapper during an interview with the “Steve-O’s Wild Ride!” podcast.

“I am in a relationship,” she said.

Haddish eventually admitted she was dating Common. The two met while they were working on the film “The Kitchen.”

“He was kind of like my love interest (in the movie)…and we kinda became friends,” she said. “Then I went into this period of dating…and at this point our friendship was getting a little bit more than friendship but not quite because COVID happened and we were like quarantined. So then we’re like Face-timing all the time.”