TiffanyJ wears many hats — self-esteem advocate, designer, television host, music producer and creator of the (s)hero every young girl needs. Super Beauty was founded by TiffanyJ in efforts to help young girls build their self-esteem and work towards dismantling feelings of insecurities, depression and bullying. 

"As a child, I was super shy, intimidated, and a lonesome personality. I suffered badly with depression and had thoughts of suicide multiple times as early as 12 years old. My silence was mistakenly recognized as being quiet when in actuality it was a loud internal cry. It took me 30 years to truly understand the greatness within me, but it should NEVER take another girl nearly that long," shared TiffanyJ in a statement. 

Her battle with depression led her to create a doll to help young girls with the same or similar symptoms — Super Beauty. Super Beauty has the "ability to say over 20 positive phrases to deflect mental and emotional stresses that affect girls battling bullies and/or depression," according to a press release. 

PHOTO: Super Beauty

21Ninety got to chat with TiffanyJ about Super Beauty and learn the inspiration behind Super Beauty and what’s next for her:

TiffanyJ created Super Beauty after battling with depression and attempting suicide at the age of 12. She began to feel things shift in her 20s when the sadness seemed to subside. Nevertheless, she never wanted another young girl to feel the things she has felt. This lead to the creation of Super Beauty to start a special movement that would help. 

TiffanyJ began by speaking to younger girls and teaching them about loving themselves. She continued on to write a book, Super Beauty Saves The Day, which introduced Super Beauty and later on developed a doll to bring her positive affirmations to life. Super Beauty speaks directly to the young girls, to ensure that they hear someone else tell them how great they are. 

"When I truly got into self discovery and self love, it took someone else to tell me that I was beautiful and worth it, so I wanted to make sure that Super Beauty said it from her point of view. (I want these girls to know) that Super Beauty is complimenting them, not demanding them to learn affirmations. It reaffirms who the girls are and how beautiful they are," shared TiffanyJ with 21Ninety. 

The doll has helped give girls the courage to speak about what they’re feeling and not lead them into suppressing it. She hopes that the vocalization of these feelings helps the black community with breaking away the stigma that surrounds mental health. 

As for the future of Super Beauty, TiffanyJ hopes to introduce a male character into her books to help young boys as well. While she doesn’t know when she’s going to release a boy-doll, she does think it’ll happen sooner than later. Until then, don’t forget to place your order for your very own Super Beauty doll here. 

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