It looks like TikTok has come to stay. In this post-pandemic era, the platform has completely revolutionized how we approach fashion and style. In the last few years, TikTok has become a mecca for beauty-related content, with many users sharing makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and haircare tips. The app’s short-form video format allows creators to highlight their skills and creativity in an appealing way. Here are the top beauty trends that are taking over the platform.

Wet Cherry Lips

Over the years, lips have been linked to glamour and sensuality. While this trend has been a popular beauty trend for many years, TikTok has added its unique flare to it. People have worn red lips in a variety of ways, but this evenly-applied high-sheen look is taking the TikTok beauty world by storm. This lip color is a spin on the classic red lip. Instead of the regular matte or slightly moisturized red lip, this cherry red lip goes a step forward. For best results, add a dash of lip gloss to complement the red. This look can be achieved with your preferred red lip shade, but for optimal results, a bright, red, cherry lip is the best bet.


This wet cherry lips trend is going to have me in a chokehold for sure😍🍒 @novabeauty flair & daytrip lipstick, & sauce gloss🤌🏼🔥How do you feel about it, would you try it? #wetcherrylips #cherrylips #makeuptrend #2023makeup #makeup #beauty

♬ sure thing – luana

The Evelier Galaxy Lipstick is high-quality and long-lasting. It will leave your lips feeling effortlessly moisturized. The matte finish will act as a great base for the next steps in your wet cherry lip look.

Kopari’s Coconut Lip Glossy is the perfect top coat to the “wet look” you’ll be recreating from Tik-Tok. This gloss adds the perfect amount of shine and is also hydrating.

Diamond Makeup

In spite of the spike in Cozycore since the pandemic, dramatic makeup is very much still in vogue. Diamonds are definitely still a girl’s best friend, and this makeup trend is proof. Glamorous makeup has been around for decades, but there was a downward spiral on this trend during the pandemic. The post-pandemic era has introduced us to glamor again, and we love it! To achieve a diamond-inspired look like the one in this video, start simple and build. For optimal results, use a high-coverage foundation as a start to cover skin blemishes. Elevate your birthday shoot or special event with these eye-catching diamonds! Pair diamonds with Too Faced’s fire highlighter for the ultimate glam!

This diamond kit offers plenty of variety with a mix of clear and colored gems. As a part of the set, you’ll also receive a pair of tweezers and glue that is safe to use on skin.

Talk about shining bright like a diamond! This Fire Highlighter by Too Faced is the perfect compact to add sparkle and shimmer to your face. It’s holographic and luminescent. Use a little or a lot to make some magic happen.

Soft Glam

Soft glam is the ultimate ode to the soft-life aesthetic. This look involves a type of makeup that enhances natural beauty while still providing a glamorous finish. This type of makeup typically builds on neutral shades of eyeshadow, subtle contouring, and natural-colored lip color. Thanks to TikTok, this glam look has become popular at special events and formal occasions. Soft glam makeup is achieved by using a combination of high-quality products and careful application techniques to create a natural-looking yet flawless finish. Soft glam is also perfect for everyday wear or a brunch date with your friends.

One of the most important steps in perfect makeup application, especially when it comes to soft glam, is having your skin prepped properly. This anti-aging cream comes from beauty brand, Caudalie. The cream has hyaluronic acid and helps improve skin’s elasticity.

Another product to help prep your skin, is this skin oil by Kora. It’s a rich and powerful solution that is made with organic ingredients.


SkinTok consists of videos on TikTok that educate social media users on skincare products to buy. An effective skincare routine can help to prevent acne, reduce signs of aging, and protect your skin from environmental factors such as pollution and UV radiation. SkinTok is a growing trend on TikTok’s user-generated platform that gives users insight into useful skincare hacks. While Tik-Tok has a bevy of recommendations, it’s important to note that people react to different skin care products differently. Before using any new skin supplement, check in with your dermatologist.

Popular skincare brand, Neutrogena is behind this moisture-boosting gel-cream. It’s great for dry skin and can be used daily.

Tata Harper offers another gel moisturizer. Their version is lightweight and good for skin that is oily to combination.

Glass Skin

The glass skin routine typically involves a multi-step approach that includes double cleansing, exfoliating, using toners and essences, applying serums and moisturizers, and using a facial mist to give the skin a dewy finish. Whew that was a lot! The products used in a glass skin routine are hydrating and help preserve the skin’s elasticity. It’s a timely routine that believers say pays off in the long run.

Tatcha’s rich moisturizing cream is made out of a anti-oxidant packed Japanese purple rice. It gives a dewy, healthy grow and is great for combination skin.

Blush Base

Makeup blush typically comes in a powder, cream, or liquid form, but the color, unfortunately, doesn’t always stay on for a long time; TikTok has figured out a way to tackle that problem, though. When choosing a blush, consider your skin tone and the undertones in your complexion. For melanated skin tones, richer shades like plum or berry usually work best. This Tik-Tok user combines a dry blush and a liquid blush for optimum results. Check out the video below for in-depth tips on how to keep your blush on.


The best base I’ve done in a min🌚Makeup tip: blush is usually the first thing to fade. Use a subtle liquid one and a powder one on top!🥰 My blush looked SO good all day long, I am definitely using these everytime now #fyp #blackgirltiktok #beauty #loveyourself #makeup #skin

♬ Needed Me – Rihanna

This Maybelline gel-cream blush gives a natural looking blush color instantly. It’s infused with soft, colorful pigments and is easy to use.

This marbled blush offering from Laura Geller is beautiful to look at and use. It has a creamy texture and weightless feel once applied.

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