Spate, one of the leading trend forecasting companies in the industry, recently revealed that #eyeshadowstick on TikTok has become a top-rising makeup trend with 13.7M views in addition to an astounding increase of 126.7%.

Inside the Trend

The eyeshadow stick trend has been taking over TikTok with users sharing their best tips and tricks for using the innovative product. Beauty fanatics are raving about the convenience of a long-lasting, smudge-proof eyeshadow that requires no brushes or sponges to achieve an intense, blended look.

Many TikTok users are creating some of the most daring and dazzling looks on the platform. From subtle daytime shades to vibrant, glittery hues, people cannot get enough of the trend. Beauty influencers have also been jumping on board with tutorials and reviews showcasing how easy it is to use.

Lime Crime Launches Bold, New Eyeshadow Sticks

Recently, Lime Crime presented its latest product offering, Electric Slide Eyeshadow, and Brush Sticks. The new products are available in eight different shades: six vibrant shades and two neutrals. Even better, they retail at $14 each, making them an affordable option for the savvy spender.

The new Lime Crime products are supercharged with creamy eye color that provides immaculate blendability and a lasting payoff. You can use them alone or as a base for extra staying power. And each eyeshadow stick comes with a built-in brush that you can use to achieve your desired look as well. The best part? All Lime Crime products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free!

TikTok Eyeshadow Sticks: Our Top Picks

TikTok eyeshadow sticks have taken the beauty community by storm, and it looks like they are here to stay. The perfect blend of convenience and creativity have made eyeshadow sticks a must-have item in every beauty lover’s collection. So if you are looking to take your look up a notch, here are our top picks:

Lime Crime – Electric Slide Eyeshadow and Brush Stick

Photo Credit: Lime Crime via Amazon

The Lime Crime Electric Slide Eyeshadow and Brush Sticks are dual-sided, making them highly versatile. Each stick allows you to achieve full-color impact by applying it all over your eyelids or creating a graphic eyeliner look. Blend and diffuse the shadow with the built-in brush before it sets for effortless application!

Photo Credit: Lime Crime via Amazon
Photo Courtesy of Lime Crime

Julep – Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick

Photo Credit: Julep via Amazon

Give yourself a warm glow with this creamy, lightweight golden-beige eyeshadow from Julep. Featuring more than 30 highly pigmented shades of Matte, Shimmer, and Metallic available in the collection, you can mix and match according to whatever mood or occasion comes up! This crème-to-powder shadow stick applies smoothly onto lids without any mess before it dries into a crease-proof powder finish that refuses to budge!

Photo Courtesy of Julep

LUXAZA – Metallic Eyeshadow Stick Set

Photo Credit: LUXAZA via Amazon

Whether you need a charming smoky eye look or something simple for daily wear, the LUXAZA metallic eyeshadow sticks are a steal! Each set includes three colors that can be used alone or blended together to create stunning looks sans annoying clumping, skipping, or smudging.

Plus, each pencil also comes with its own professional-quality blending brush for the ultimate finishing touches!

Photo Courtesy of LUXAZA

e.l.f. – No Budge Shadow Stick

Photo Credit: e.l.f. via Amazon

Express yourself with the No Budge Shadow Stick from e.l.f.! This decadent, creamy formula delivers long-lasting and vibrant pigment without smearing or creasing. With it, you can create a wide range of beauty combinations to wear as both an eyeshadow or liner. Not to mention, it lasts all day long without fading away.

It comes with a convenient built-in sharpener that makes maintaining it super easy! Furthermore, because e.l.f. products are crafted from 100% vegan ingredients, which makes for the perfect buy for the conscious shopper.

Photo Credit: e.l.f. via Amazon
Photo Courtesy of e.l.f.

Clinique – Chubby Stick Shadow Tint

Photo Credit: Clinique via Amazon

Are you searching for intense pigment? Look no further than the Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint. This light, creamy color applies effortlessly and is ideal for layering to contour your look with depth or highlight certain areas of your face.

Plus, its formula can accommodate people with sensitive eyes and who wear contacts. Just apply a single layer for a subtle sheen or two to three layers to create something bolder. – Try to experiment with multiple shades as this product has endless possibilities.

Photo Courtesy of Clinique