It can be very easy to miss social media beauty trends, especially considering how often a new one gets thrown into the rotation. The most recent look the girls on TikTok has been attempting is the “unapproachable makeup” look.

Achieving The Unapproachable Makeup Look

This trend is not just about looking good, it’s about exuding an air of mystery and allure. It has social media by storm with over 90 million views and counting under the dedicated hashtag. This trend is perfect for women who want to turn heads while maintaining an enigmatic aura, creating an irresistible allure that says, “I look good, but not always the easiest person to approach.”

The Foundation

To achieve the Unapproachable Makeup look, start with the basics. Prep your face as you normally would with foundation, concealer, and contour. The flawless canvas sets the stage for the captivating transformation that follows.

The Eyes Have It

The focal point of this trend is undoubtedly the eyes. Throw some shade with a sultry grey or black smokey eye, adding a dash of shimmer on top, catching the light and adding an extra layer of mystique.

The smokey eye look always starts with a brown base, just a few shades darker than your skin complexion. Then you go on top with a dark grey shadow. For those who are a bit more daring, you can top it off with a black eye shadow instead. Blend that mix over your eye and then add a touch of a silver shimmer on top.

The real showstopper, however, is the sharp-winged eyeliner paired with a dark waterline eyeliner. If you don’t have the best hand for a precise & sharp wing, you can opt to place tape on your eyelids in the direction you want the wing to go. You’d use that as a guide to help you line your wing and clean up any messes. Once you’re done, peel back the tape to reveal and crisp and sharp line that can cut through anything!

This combination elongates the eyes, creating a sultry vixen look that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Your eyes will do all the talking, leaving everyone captivated by your gaze.

A Dash of Blush

Bring warmth to your Unapproachable Makeup look with a heavy-handed blush application. This step not only adds a touch of color but also contributes to the overall bold and confident aesthetic. Embrace the flush of confidence that comes with a strong blush presence. It’s the perfect compliment to the captivating gaze you’ve created.

Bold Lips

The finishing touch is all about the lips. Make a statement with a bold, matte lip color that demands attention. Alternatively, if you prefer a touch of sensuality, opt for a super glossy lip that enhances the allure of your enigmatic look. Whether you go bold or glossy, the lips are the final detail that ties the entire Unapproachable Makeup look together.