It seems there’s always a viral trend that’s ready to break the internet. Whether it’s related to beauty and wellness or home and fashion, trends are notoriously known to create a community of like-minded individuals who share similar interests. Take the “Tomato Girl Summer” trend for example, this rising new fad is making a name for itself that quite literally stands for everything “tomato-esque,” but in a fashion sense. Think daring bold red tops and vibrant red flowy dresses, a Tomato Girl Summer is coming in hot with yet another dopamine rush for our inner fashion senses. 

So far, the viral trend is surely making its way on TikTok feeds near and far with an overall search of 208 million. And to our knowledge, a Tomato Girl Summer isn’t just about dressing up like our favorite seasonal fruit by paying homage to the color red. And though blushed red cheeks and luminous red silhouettes are at the prime of the trend’s core, there’s certainly more to know about this rising summer vibe and why it’s trending.  Ahead, we’ve broken down a list of everything you need to know about a Tomato Girl Summer, how to achieve the trend, and more below. 


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What Exactly Is A Tomato Girl Summer? 

Representing the vibrant seasonal fruit, a Tomato Girl Summer stands for everything bold red. From shades to heels, this exciting new trend has taken on a name of its own within the world of fashion, however, it has quite another unexpected meaning. Representing the vibrancy and slow-paced mellowness of everyday life, this internet-breaking TikTok trend is all about embodying a sense of slowness with a Mediterranean twist. From breezy walks to prancing the coast of beachy sand, a Tomato Girl Summer alludes to mindfulness, romance, and admiring summer’s natural beauty within the scope of nature. With over 208 million views on TikTok, the trend has reportedly grown so big that Airbnb foresees rising travel to cities along the Italian coast which includes Amalfi, Florence, and Sorrento for the July 4th holiday. 

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Why Is The Tomato Girl Summer Trend Even Popular? 

Trends surface the internet for a number of reasons, however, one of the main reasons why trends are given such a huge platform is because of their effortless way to be incorporated into the lives of everyday people. For starters, accessibility to trends is one of the main reasons why they can get so popular, and in this case, a Tomato Girl Summer is one of those trends that’s super easy to add into the closets and beauty bags of girlies near and far. All in all, it’s just as simple as buying a bright bold red lipstick that can be bought at the nearest corner drugstore or purchasing a bold red dress on Amazon- which is what makes this trend super fun and simple to follow. On the other hand, it’s said that this popular fad is surfacing for other simple reasons such as those wishing they lived in the Mediterranean and on the coast of Italy where fashion and everyday life takes form in simplicity and well, flowy dresses. These trends, no matter how far stretched they may be, create a sense of belonging and community for people to follow, despite how quick they are to dissipate. 

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How to Dress like a Tomato Girl This Summer 

Think bold red flowy dresses, sunnies, and anything that screams Tomato! This summer-inspired hue is easy to pair with any outfit and boasts well with lighter shades such as white and beige to name a few. The trend pairs well with textures and patterns creating an almost layered look and can become as fun as you make it to be. Depending on your personal style, the Tomato Girl Aesthetic works well with casual wear, preppy, boho-chic, and even lends itself to vintage aesthetics and cottagecore. As for makeup, try a rosy red cheek, red lips, and a sunkissed appearance to really pull the look off. As for sticking to the color red, don’t think that the trend simply stops there. Tomato Girls are all about bright pieces and prints across the color board ranging in whites, greens, and floral palettes/ prints. 

Where To Shop The Trend 

Unlike other trends, the Tomato Girl Summer is super easy to integrate into your closet. For dresses, Andrea Iyamah’s Reni Midi Dress and Hanifa’s Alia Maxi Dress are stunning for the summer and take Tomato Girl vibes to the next level. As for makeup, nothing beats Pat Macgrath’s BlitzTrance Lipstick in Blood Rush and Danessa Myrick’s Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder. For shoes, feel free to ease off the bold red hue and opt in for a beige sandal from NA-KD or these sexy beige-heeled pumps from Amazon. 

In context, this trendy and youthful fad is a great way to add a bit of spice to your wardrobe and your overall perspective of life. So go on and make this summer all about this vibrant trending fruit, we won’t judge.