Toni Braxton is a seven-time Grammy Award winner with more accolades under her belt in music than most artists see in a lifetime. Despite her overwhelming success as a singer, songwriter, and screen performer, things have not always been smooth for Braxton within the industry. She famously filed for bankruptcy during what should have been a major high point in her career, citing shady business dealings and major expenses preventing her from seeing most of the money from her record deal checks.

Despite these hurdles, Toni Braxton has bolstered her net worth with a wide variety of creative projects and investments, resulting in her full financial recovery. Today, Toni Braxton has an estimated net worth of over $10 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

As a legacy artist, Braxton has been celebrated by a number of institutions, including the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, which inducted her in 2011, as well as the Soul Train Music Awards, which bestowed the Legend Award upon the acclaimed singer in 2017. Let’s dive into Toni Braxton’s multiple revenue streams which bolster her net worth, and examine the financial portfolio that took her from bankruptcy to multi-millionaire status.

Who Is Toni Braxton?

Toni Braxton was born in 1967, and soon became the eldest of six siblings. She grew up in a strictly religious Methodist household, and routinely attended church from her childhood. As a teenager, Toni and her sisters would sing in the church choir, seemingly exhibiting exceptional natural talent, as they never received any classical music training. Toni Braxton initially intended to earn a degree in teaching from Bowie State University, before being approached by a music industry manager who offered to represent her. While initially skeptical of the offer, Braxton took a gamble on herself, and rapidly made waves within the industry.

Toni Braxton initially began her career as one in a quintet of singers, along with her four sisters. The group, aptly titled The Braxtons, signed to Arista Records in 1989, and dropped a single titled “Good Life.” Though the song underperformed, it did manage to capture the intention of record executives, who reached out to Toni Braxton specifically to launch a solo career. By 1993, Braxton had recorded a full-length self-titled solo album, which peaked at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 charts, immediately establishing her as a powerful voice in the R&B soundscape. Her debut album earned 3 Grammy Awards, and 2 American Music Awards. The project has since been certified 8 times platinum by the RIAA.

Toni’s Continued Success In The Face Of Adversity

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Following her explosive debut, Toni Braxton became a fixture in the music industry, releasing 8 more critically acclaimed albums over the following 3 decades. Her biggest commercial hits include tracks such as “You’re Makin’ Me High/Let It Flow,” “Un-Break My Heart,” “He Wasn’t Man Enough,” and many more. Unfortunately, as Toni Braxton continued topping the charts throughout the 2000s, she experienced significant setbacks, including contract disputes and health complications. For starters, her label charged her a great deal for a number of fronted expenditures, such as clothing, travel, studio time, and video shoots, resulting in Braxton’s first royalty check netting her a whopping $1,972, despite the fact that her album made millions in worldwide sales.

By 2007, Toni Braxton had left Arista, and negotiated a better contract with Blackground Records, which included a lengthy and financially lucrative Las Vegas residency. Unfortunately, Braxton suffered health issues that year, and had to abruptly cut her residency short after receiving a diagnosis of microvascular angina. Furthermore, Braxton sued her long-time manager after discovering that he had fraudulently negotiated contract disputes on her behalf in the past, limiting her ability to free herself financially in the process.

Still, Toni Braxton managed to overcome these obstacles, and continue bolstering her net worth with her thriving catalogue of hits. Braxton continues producing new music and touring to this day, and plans to continue releasing music in the future. She is currently slated to co-headline a Vegas residency alongside comedian Cedric the Entertainer throughout 2024 and beyond. While her music is a significant source of income, Braxton has also branched out into a number of other forms of entertainment, including acting for the stage and screen, and investing in real estate.

What Is Toni Braxton’s Net Worth?

While Toni Braxton’s acting career is certainly a backdrop to her prolific music stardom, she has racked up a solid number of credits on IMDb. Since making her on-screen debut in 1994, the singer has appeared in such television and film projects as Kingdom Come, Play’d: A Hip Hop Story, Mad TV, Blues Clues, and Every Day Is Christmas. While her screen performances likely haven’t taken in hundreds of millions, Toni Braxton’s many credits certainly account for a portion of her net worth.

Furthermore, Braxton’s prudent real estate investments have panned out in her favor. In 2014, Toni Braxton purchased a modest home in Calabasas, California for $2.9 million. Only two years later, she managed to sell the property for over $3.4 million, accounting for a healthy return on her investment. Toni Braxton has seen a wide array of ups and downs throughout her illustrious show-business career, though nothing could break her stride.

Today the iconic singer enjoys a net worth of $10 million, which is sure to continue rising as her music and tours continue to sell for the foreseeable future.