Memorial Day Weekend has passed us and you know that means summer has unofficially started. This is the first time we can actually be outside in the past two years due to the pandemic and we are taking no prisoners! If you’re a little rusty on having a hot girl summer, no need to worry. Here are the top tips on having the best summer yet.

Be Selfish

Choosing yourself first is key to having an amazing hot girl summer. Wake up every morning and ask yourself, “What do I want to do today? What do I want to eat? What am I feeling?” I’m not saying that you should completely write everyone off, but just put yourself first for a change. You are the only person who can ultimately make you happy. So choose her before choosing anyone else.

Uplift Other women

Hot girls recognize hot girls, who recognize hot girls! We don’t hate on other women over in hot girl land. Uplifting other women is a staple in having a hot girl summer because we need each other. You could also be the catalyst for someone else to have an amazing day just by simply complementing another woman, at minimum. Not to mention, that good karma is going to come back around and you’ll receive something even greater.

Give Summer Whatever Body You Have For The Season

A good amount of women try every year to achieve a “summer body” and so many fall short of the goals they wanted to reach before June came back around. That shouldn’t stop you from feeling confident in the skin you’re in! We are all built in many different shapes and sizes, which makes each of us beautiful in our own way. Whether you’re skinny, plus sized, petite, tall or anything in between, you are one hot mama. Own that!

Take Yourself Out

Dating yourself is important to not just having a hot girl summer, but knowing yourself better. Expose yourself to new things and unlock new love languages within yourself. Dating other people is fun too, but if you don’t necessarily know what you like and how you want to be loved, how can someone else treat you right? Need tips on how to date yourself? Check out out some tips here!

Date Whoever You Want, On Your Terms!

Dating on your terms in any form and fashion you choose is the number one rule to having a hot girl summer. Take control of your dating life. The main goal is to have fun! Make memories with people who make you happy. You can date multiple people at once or no one at all!

For the girls in a relationship, spice up your dating life this summer too! Think outside of the box and make this summer one to remember with you and your partner.