International Transgender Day of Visibility recognizes the accomplishments happening within the transgender community. The day also raises awareness of the issues that continue to impact the collective.

To empower current and future generations, trans influencers have increased their online presence. In addition to creating a safe space to build community, these influencers use their platforms to educate the public on trans rights and address misconceptions.

Learn more about these trans beauty influencers who continue to break barriers online and in real life.

Junior Mintt

Junior Mintt is a trans rights activist, drag queen and founder of the vibrant makeup brand “Mintty Makeup.” With an Instagram following of nearly 20,000 supporters, Mintt has dedicated her career to filling the gap of more Black representation in drag and beauty spaces. “Mintty Makeup” is one of the few Black trans makeup lines to exist and serves as an inspiration for other beauty influencers entering the makeup industry.

Kissy Duerré

Kissy Duerré’s influencer status grew quickly and prospered immensely with a TikTok following just shy of 700,000 followers. The trans activist uses her platform to educate her followers about trans issues, racism and mental health. She also balances her educational content by coupling it with fashion and other videos that showcase her outgoing personality.

Marly Hamilton

Marly Hamilton won big in 2020 after profiting $20,000 in sales for her luxury faux mink lashes. Few beauty influencers have found success within one week after launching a business. The success of her brand, “LVNDR Beautique,” grew her online following from a few followers to almost 30,000 on Instagram and Twitter. Hamilton also sells press-on nails and other beauty accessories through her business.

Ts Madison

This media personality is the face of Blavity’s Asking for a Friend. She is also the voice behind Beyoncé’s “Cozy” single from Act I of her 2020 “Renaissance” album. Adored by many, including her 800,000 online followers, Madison continues to cement her spot in Hollywood. She is an actress, podcaster, morning show host and judge on the Emmy award-winning series, “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

Aaron Rose Philips

Aaron Rose Philips continues to break barriers one runway show at a time. In 2022, Philip’s made history as the first model in a wheelchair to be featured in Moschino’s Spring show for New York Fashion week. Furthermore, she became the first disabled and Black, trans model to be represented by a major agency.

Munroe Bergdorf

Bergdorf champions the rights for Black, trans and queer people. Her influential status rose after she made history as the first trans person to appear on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK. In 2023, she wrote her memoir “Transitional,” where she explores her life story, unpacks how the nature of transition is a human experience and more.

Sophia Hernandez

Sophia Hernandez’s openness about her journey is what makes her supporters gravitate towards her content. The trans activist, model and influencer has garnered over 40,000 followers. She uses her online presence to empower others to show up fully as themselves in an effort to inspire the next group of beauty influencers.