This Halloween it’s all about trunk-or-treat! An event where the neighborhood gets together and everyone fills their trunks with oodles of Halloween candy. Classic chocolate bars and hard candies will fill other trunks, but you should fill yours with unique Halloween candy. Instead of reaching for the classics, serve up a trick with a treat by offering fruit-flavored candy that looks not-so-sweet to the eye. Plus, you can grab all of these on Amazon today. So, get together with your family and community to enjoy unique Halloween sweets this spooky season. 

Kraft Heinz Assorted Fruit-Flavored Gummy Candy – 3 Pack

Kraft’s Heinz Assorted Fruit-Flavored Gummy Candy – 3 Pack replicates a realistic lunch. This pack has candy versions of Kraft macaroni and cheese, Oscar Mayer hot dogs, and Claussen pickles. More importantly, none of these gummy candies taste like the foods they resemble. Every gummy is fruit flavored. Since you’re getting three pre-sealed packs, you can toss them in your trunk for trunk-or-treat.

Frankford Halloween Body Parts Gummy Candy – 50 Count

Frankford’s Halloween Body Parts Gummy Candy – 50 Count is perfect for throwing in your trunk (or bowl) for the spooky season. All 50 pieces are individually wrapped so everyone can have a body part or two. Kids and parents alike will sift through five body parts: brains, ears, eyes, feet, and fingers. If someone shows up as a zombie, give them all five body parts. Best of all, these candies don’t taste like human flesh. Everything is fruit-flavored.

Kraft Lunchables Pepperoni Pizza Kit Gummy Candy – 2 Pack

Kraft Lunchables are a childhood favorite lunchtime staple. So, the Pepperoni Pizza Kit Gummy Candy – 2 Pack brings back that nostalgia in a non-savory way. This fruit-flavored kit recreates the essential ingredients that the original has. Each kit has gummy crusts, candy sauce, chewy “shredded cheese,” and gummy bits of tiny pepperoni. During trunk-or-treat, those who grab this kit can share scary stories while building their gummy pizzas. 

Fruidles Color Brick Lollipop Suckers Candy – 12 Pack

While you can’t eat a toy, you can suck on Fruidles’ Color Brick Lollipop Suckers Candy – 12 Pack. This multi-color pack of building blocks is actually a box of individually wrapped pieces of candy. Although they look like a toy, they won’t necessarily stack on top of each other. But there’s no harm in trying. Just make sure no one tries to build a fortress on the ground of the parking lot. These are fruit-flavored, not asphalt flavored.

Oscar Mayer Gummy Bacon – 2 Pack

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Oscar Mayer’s Gummy Bacon – 2 Pack is the candy version of the brand’s signature breakfast food. Each pack has five individual strips of bacon, so you’re getting ten pieces of fruit flavored candy. This bacon looks like you took fresh out of the refrigerated section. All of the bacon is red with a white marble swirl

Raindrops Sushi Bento Box Gummy Candy

On Halloween, candy is dinner. And with the Raindrops Sushi Bento Box Gummy Candy, your candy will look like your dinner, too. This bento box has a whopping 21 pieces of fruit-flavored gummy sushi. This box has four nigiri, marshmallows topped with gummy fish; four California rolls, marshmallows topped with sour gummy belts; three uramaki, sour gummy rings with gummy bears; four maki, sour licorice bites wrapped in gummy belts; four Ikura with masago, candy-coated gum drops; and two Koikuchi, licorice ropes.

Fruidles Ring Candy Fish Suckers – 48 Pack

The only thing that’ll be fishy about your trunk will be these Fruidles Ring Candy Fish Suckers – 48 Pack. This box has 48 individually wrapped pieces of fish lollipops that you, kids, and parents will wear as rings. Plus, everyone can pick out their favorite color for the sweet treat. Red, blue, purple, and yellow are the included colors.

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